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She was a natural on American Idol, enduring herself to fans across the nation… not to mention celebs in her native L.A.

Apparently Katharine McPhee is building quite the fan base. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have taken a liking to the American Idol runner-up, with the current rumor being that Holmes met the spunky 22-year old at the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles. The two hit it off, and McPhee has apparently been asked to perform at their wedding.

According to, after McPhee lost out to Taylor Hicks on the Idol finale, Cruise and Holmes asked her right away to perform.

Tom Cruise in 2015
(Getty Images)

“Tom and Katie have become Katharine’s biggest fans,” a source said. “They think she’s destined to become a singing legend.”

That, or Cruise can’t resist the whole “TomKat” name. KatKat does make an attractive couple:

Either way, Cruise and his bride-to-be are big McPhans, and it’s hard to blame them (although McPhee’s purported association with Scientology is a tad worrisome). The singer is also reportedly meeting with director Steven Spielberg to discuss possible film projects. Wow. Between McPhee and Chris Daughtry, it’s beginning to look like coming just short of being named American Idol is the way to go.