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Several sites including Hello! Magazine are reporting that Tom Cruise congratulated Brad Pitt on the birth of daughter Shiloh Nouvel with a card proclaiming, “Congratulations! You’re following in my footsteps!”

So original and clever.

Tom also sent little Shiloh a teddy bear (pictured).

Tom Cruise in 2015
(Getty Images)

According to the Daily Mirror, “Tom and Brad have had a friendly rivalry since acting together in Interview With A Vampire. The card was taken in good spirits.”

No word on whether or not Brad returned the favor and sent Suri, Cruise’s infant daughter with Katie Holmes, a gift.

Tom reportedly sent Horace, the Longfellow Bear, manufactured by Steiff, the world’s self-proclaimed best-known manufacturer of high-quality Teddy bears and plush animals.

Horace, a 1904 reproduction and a limited edition of 1,500 bears, costs a ridiculous $460, making him only slightly less overvalued than the Florida housing market. However, Shiloh will surely appreciate such decadence, given her humble Namibian roots.