Terrence Howard is an Oscar-nominated actor. He's very well-respected.

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Terrence Howard's ex-wife says he threatened suicide during their violent dustup this summer, and now an ex-girlfriend says he got physical with her as well.

Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent says he threatened to kill her as well as himself, which led to her obtaining a restraining order against the Crash star.

Incredibly, that's not even the most surprising allegation against him today.

A former girlfriend of the 44-year-old has come forward with shocking photos and claims that he hit her and gave her a black eye and bruises on her body.

May Seng Yang claims she dated Howard off and on for 12 years, and during a May 2012 altercation at his Pennsylvania home, he attacked her.

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Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent, who obtained a restraining order against him yesterday, included a graphic allegation when she filed for it:

The actor sucker punched her in the face, grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall, she claims, during a trip to Costa Rica last week.

  • Michelle Ghent Black Eye
  • Terrence Howard Wife Black Eye

Michelle Ghent, who divorced Howard back in May, alleges that the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in rekindling their romance.

Michelle says after Terrence hit her, he glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept two curved knives, each 4-6 inches in length.

At that point, she says she panicked and pepper sprayed him ... and at that point, she claims Terrence knocked her down and kicked her in the head.

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Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent was granted a restraining order against the actor today, showing off a huge black eye in court, TMZ reports.

The former Mrs. Howard claims he beat her during a fight last week.

It's unclear if Howard is responsible for the injury, but it was not discussed in court (you can see a photo clearly showing it after the jump of this article).

Michelle Ghent Photo

It is likely Michelle will claim he is responsible, as she's already said Terrence Howard physically abused her during an argument while they were on vacation.

Howard tells a very different story, claiming Michelle Ghent maced him, his adult daughter and another family member, while he never laid a finger on her.

The couple finalized their nasty divorce earlier this year but reunited for a Costa Rican vacation last week, and that's where the incident went down.

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Terrence Howard adamantly denies claims that he abused ex-wife Michelle Ghent last week, countering that she threatened to KILL him and his family.

Ghent is reportedly going to court to obtain a restraining order after Terrence (allegedly) physically abused after during an argument in Costa Rica.

Terrence tells a different story, calling the situation "a normal married fight" (even though they divorced in May), until things escalated because of her.

Howard claims she threatened him, pulled out pepper spray and attacked him, his kids and his son-in-law, while he didn't lay as much as a finger on her.

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Actor Terrence Howard is being accused by his ex-wife Michelle Ghent of beating her up badly during a heated argument in Costa Rica - just last week.

Michell, who divorced Terrence in May, hooked up with him again recently.

Michelle Howard Picture

She then took a trip with Terrence and several of his family members to Costa Rica, where sources say an epic and violent argument erupted last week.

Terrence Howard claims Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. Police were called to the scene and reports were taken.

No one was arrested there that we know of, but it gets weirder still:

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Terrence Howard is officially free to pursue other tig ol' bitties.

The actor's divorce from Michelle Ghent has been finalized, and he actually got the bulk of their community property, including two houses and all 25 bank accounts.

Seriously, 25?

Terrence Howard and Michelle Howard

Ghent also has to return his 2011 Range Rover, but she gets to keep her bike. Phew. Terrence must pay $5,800 a month in spousal support for three years.

That's it.

The duo's split was really nasty, with Michelle accusing Terrence of viciously beating her, and Howard countering that she is a disgusting racist.

And then he said this, and everybody forgot about the divorce:

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Terrence Howard stars opposite Oprah Winfrey in the upcoming film The Butler.

And in an exclusive interview with Movie Fanatic, the actor gushes over the best part of working with this talk show goddess.

Her warm? Her generosity? Her spirit? Not exactly.

Terrence Howard Photograph

"Oprah and I had such chemistry," Howard tells Movie Fanatic. "To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol' bitties... She's such a voluptuous woman. That was wonderful."

Wow. Well, okay then. Can't say we saw that quote coming.

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Terrence Howard has been ordered to shell out $50,000 for his soon-to-be ex-wife's expenses in the midst of their ongoing, increasingly ugly legal dispute.

Howard's camp had claimed that the Red Tails star is low on cash and Michelle Ghent Howard's allegations of mistreatment were harming his reputation.

Apparently the judge did not concur.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Howard

According to Michelle Howard's attorney, Karen Donahoe, he maintains a $76,000 / month lifestyle after making $2.6 million as an actor in the past year.

Terrence's attorney, Christian Markey, countered: "He hasn't had a paycheck. No job offers. And he only has $20,000 in cash. She's got more money."

The once-happy couple quietly tied the knot in January 2010, but Ghent filed for divorce a year later ... and said Howard beat and threatened to kill her.

She obtained a restraining order. Howard claims she's a racist, jealous monster who claimed that she "never wanted to marry a n----r in the first place."

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for April 23.

Until then, Howard owes $1,800 a month for her Range Rover, $20,000 for her attorney fees, $20,000 for accountant fees and $10,000 in spousal support.

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Actor Terrence Howard says his estranged wife Michelle, who recently accused him of beating her and making death threats, is a monster who hates black people.

Not only that, he claims she once tried to have him killed!

According to Terrence Howard, who's firing back against Michelle Howard in one of the worst celebrity divorces ever, she routinely called him "monkey" or "n!gger."

Terrence says Michelle inexplicably turned from a "loving, gentle" person into a crazy woman who once threatened to have him killed by Russian mobsters (really).

Michelle Howard Picture

In court documents, Howard notes that Michelle is NOT black, and claims that when she would get upset with him, she would scream things such as:

  • "[I] never wanted to marry a n!gger in the first place"
  • "[I] definitely didn't want to be the step mother of some n!gger kids."

He also alleges his wife threatened to have him "clipped" if he went to police and bragged, "I have a lot of Russian friends who would do it as a favor."

Howard also claims Michelle has major jealousy issues, to say the least ... attacking him with a bottle after accusing him of talking with other women.

He claims this happened TWO DIFFERENT TIMES, and he never retaliated.

Terrence has asked the court to issue a restraining order against Michelle. She already has one against him. A hearing in their case is set for Jan. 17.

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Terrence Howard's estranged wife, Michelle Howard, was granted a restraining order against the actor this morning, saying beats and threatens to kill her.

Michelle filed court documents claiming Terrence began making threats and beating her up just seven days after the couple got married in January 2010.

She filed for divorce in February 2011. He denies any of this.

In the documents, Michelle claims Howard "slugged me across my face and neck" and threatened to throw her off a balcony, and that the actor also ...

Terrence Howard and Michelle Howard
  • Said, "If you tell anyone about my business, I'll kill you and no one will ever know."
  • Smacked her in the face, chipping her tooth with his wedding ring.
  • Yelled, "B!tch, walk home. That's my car, I pay for it."
  • Said, "I'll hit a woman quicker than I'd hit a man."
  • Threw her to the ground in a parking lot.

Howard denies he ever threatened Michelle, who he accuses of trying to "release private materials to 3rd parties for her own personal financial gain."

The material in question: A video of Terrence Howard nude, singing in the shower. Obviously. That would fetch MILLIONS on the market tomorrow.

In any case, an L.A. County Superior Court judge granted Michelle a temporary restraining order preventing Howard from going near or contacting her.

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