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Cookie was not impressed with her ex-husband’s latest actions on the highly anticipated spring premiere of Empire, but did it live up to the hype?

When Empire Season 3 Episode 10 got underway, Cookie turned on Lucious because of him finding and leaking the information about Angelo letting a girl die. 

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In typical Lucious fashion, he laughed her threats off and told her if she wanted a war, then he’d fire the first shot. Not one to let someone threaten her, Cookie shocked everyone by putting Leah on stage and introducing her as Lucious’ mother. 

This was met with a shocking response from the audience because he had previously released a song about his mother killing herself. Lucious was shocked to the core as his ex-wife stood on stage, cackling like a witch. 

It was karma, and Lucious knew Cookie was coming after him. How far would each of them go to get one up on the other? 

Pretty far. 

Lucious continued his tirade against Angelo because he knew he was Cookie’s sweet spot, so he put a plan in motion to give a $300,000 for anyone who had information that would implicate "Dubious Dubois." 

It was bizarre, but also Empire at its finest. The sad thing about all of this was that it put the sons up against one another, with Andre pushing for Nessa to be the support act in concert. 

Poor Hakeem thought he and his father were on good terms, but when he heard Cookie was the one who asked Tiana to perform, he kicked Tiana to the curb. 

Andre could only laugh at his younger brother as he questioned why his father would betray him like that. 

When the time came for Nessa’s performance, her mic crapped out, but Hakeem and Tiana were on tap to take over the stage. Nessa was furious and kicked Tiana off the stage, and the pair got into a huge scuffle. 

While the audience was recording the whole thing on their phones, Shine was jumping up and down as though it was a WWE fight,  screaming at Nessa to "take the bitch out."

It was hilarious, but Lucious told Cookie Jamal had escaped from his treatment facility and went on the run with Tori, who was apparently Empire’s version of Britney Spears and was played by Rumer Willis. 

Tori had a terrible attitude and Cookie was not impressed with the way the young woman was speaking to her. It turned out that the pair were recording a track together. 

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It was not established whether Tori was using Jamal to get a big name on a comeback track after such a long time away. According to Hakeem she just disappeared after stripping on stage at one of her concerts. 

When all of that drama was over with, Lucious introduced Anika (why the hell is she not in jail?!) as the new head of A & R and noted that she was the "DNA of the company."

That did not sit well with Cookie, who showed up in the dead of night and started trashing the offices. In an explosive rant, she began trashing everything and narrating what she did to help the company. 

It turned out that Cookie was helping her ex-husband a lot more than we were first lead to believe. When she was in prison, Lucious was visiting, and Cookie was giving tips on his recordings. 

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She pointed out that when he stopped visiting, his next album — which she had no say in — was his worst and the critics believed it.

Lucious did not like hearing the truth, so he told her he was going to kill her, but she hit him on the head with the baseball bat. He followed her up to his office, and she embraced him, but she got more revenge when she left him longing for her. 

It was exactly what he deserved, but don’t expect Lucious to give up yet. 

The episode was a roaring return for this hit drama series. It was the best episode of the series and set the wheels in motion for what is sure to be a solid conclusion to Empire Season 3

Other events found Becky getting closer to Thirsty in the hopes of getting Javier thrown out of Empire for his part in stealing her work. Her plan worked, but we’re getting the feeling Thirsty is going to want something in return for his efforts. 

What did you think of all the drama? 

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