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Empire has been struggling to keep up the pace in the drama department this season, but things always seem to take a turn for the better when a character dies. 

On Empire Season 3 Episode 17, Cookie rallied up her team to cause some drama at Leviticus Vegas. When the episode got underway, Cookie, Candace, and Carol make their way into the venue. 

Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 17 Online
Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 17 Online

When Giuliana and Lucious spot Cookie on the security camera, Lucious is tasked with getting rid of them. Cookie causes a huge scene. 

The episode flashes back two weeks to good old Lucious saying he will find the person responsible for Bella’s disappearance, but he had to deal with Giuliana and the Vegas deal first. 

When Thirsty questioned Giuliana about financial records she carries around with her, she gets Lucious to fire him. Yes, he actually fired Thirsty. Like, what the hell?

Cookie Goes After Lucious
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Cookie bumps into Thirsty and asks him to join her at her house. The meeting consists the Lyon sons, Shyne and some other people who were ready to take Giuliana down. 

However, the meeting fell apart when all of them started bickering with one another, prompting concerns that they could not work as a unit. 

Cookie turned to her sisters, Porsha, Chicken, and Marcel. 

The women take to Vegas to put their plan in motion. However, it hit a snag when Carol could not seduce the security guard on duty. 

All was not lost when it was revealed that the security guard was checking out Becky. Becky flirted with him, and the women managed to sneak on through. 

Cookie took the financial ledgers straight to Charlotte, who was shocked. 

Cookie Is On A Mission
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“This is really bad,” she says. “Money laundering, consorting with criminals…”

Just when Cookie thought she was on to something, Lucious strolled in with a bag of money

“I didn’t know Mormons took payoffs,” Cookie barks, but Charlotte replies, “I didn’t know you people were so prone to stereotypes.”

When Lucious and Cookie left the room, but Andre emerged from the shadows, and they were closer than just friends. 

In New York, Cookie tells Jamal to release his album to screw up the publicity of Lucious’ album. However, her son told her that he was holding off on it. 

Cookie Has a Decision
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The reason? He was joining Lucious in Vegas. Cookie was pissed and started bickering with both Jamal and Hakeem. 

Surprisingly, Lucious came to her defense, saying, "Stop ganging up on her,” he says. “She came for me hard and had her feelings hurt. She just needs to lick her wounds.”

Later, Andre visited Cookie to tell her about him and Charlotte. He said she was not a fan of Lucious being in Vegas. 

Finally, Tariq managed to save Bella and returned her home. Just as Tariq and Lucious are mending fences, Leah kills Tariq with a letter opener. 

Something tells us Leah was in on the plan all along. 

What did you think of all the twists?

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