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Did the Lyons manage to take down the Dubois family?

That was their plan on Empire Season 3 Episode 16 when baby Bella was taken from them, and the families waged war against one another. 

The episode got underway with the Lyons going to meet the Dubois family, looking as glamorous as ever. Cookie literally had to be held back from leaping across the table to open a can of whoop-ass on Mrs. Dubois.

Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 16 Online
Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 16 Online

“Bitch, do you want me to jump across this table?” Cookie squeals. Mrs. DuBois fires back, “You feelin’ froggy? Leap.“

While everyone is trading insults, Anika chimes in that the true issue is who the heck got Bella ousted from the family. Of course, the Dubois clan denies it. 

At the police station, it turned out that several motions had been filed, so there was no way the family was getting Bella back any time soon.

“This is very odd,” the supervisor say. “Several motions have been filed… they’d take a month to untangle. You’re not going to see her for some time.”

Um, WTF?

Cookie Goes After Lucious
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Surely this could not happen in real life. 

Cookie rallied the troops and told them that they needed to get their $hit together if they had any hope of getting Bella back. Thirsty felt like that best way to get her back would be for Anika and Lucious to speed up the divorce. 

While Lucious and Jamal bickered about their song for the Vegas residency, Cookie and Andre got to work fighting Jamal’s corner. 

However, by the flick of a switch, Andre tried to choke Anika, by remembering that she killed Rhonda. 

“You think you can kill my wife and kill my kid?” he screams. “I’m gonna make you pay!” Um, alright then. 

Something tells us Andre is back off his meds. 

Andre Is Annoyed on Empire Season 3 Episode 4
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“Do it! I deserve it!” she cries. “I wanted so badly to be a Lyon, I sold my soul, and now my baby… I deserve to suffer.”

Oh, Anika, you’ve suffered enough since joining that godforsaken family. 

Hakeem then decided to hit up Empire X-Stream to reveal that the Dubois family had Bella taken from him. This quickly erupted into a full-blown protest, with Mrs. Dubois claiming she had nothing to do with it. 

While this was going down, Cookie slapped Nessa across the face for supporting Andre’s horrible decisions. 

“Bitch, next time hold your mouth!” Cookie Lyon is, like, the Queen of shade. 

Cookie Has A PR Disaster on Empire
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Later, Cookie got Shyne’s thugs to rough up Angelo for some answers.

“You know I wouldn’t go this far!” he says.

“You know those things your mama said about me being ghetto and hood?” Cookie asks.

“She was right. You need to talk to your mama, because I know she knows where my grandbaby’s at.”

Cookie returned to Lucious and opened up about the fact that Angelo had no idea what happened to Bella. They were interrupted by Giuliana, who wanted to know about the changes with the residency deal.

“I did 17 years for you!” Cookie snarled at Lucious, who sided with Giuliana.

Giuliana fired back: “Thank you for that. But I’ll take it from here.”


The final scene gave us the reveal that Mrs. Dubois did, indeed, have Bella and was ready to make her part of the family.