Empire Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: Did Someone Die?

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After another season of Lyon family drama, Empire Season 3 Episode 18 closed off most of the central plot of the series in a shocking way. 

When the episode got underway, Lucious got a phone call from his mother, Leah in the wake of her murdering Tariq in cold blood. 

She was not impressed at being locked up by her son and Lucious said he was not willing to let her out of the house until she was back to normal. 

Leah had a hilarious response to him. 

“I’m not having an episode! I put steel in the skull of your enemy!”

Meanwhile, Cookie was still pissed about her son ditching her for Giuliana and Lucious, but Jamal was more concerned about Hakeem to worry about his mother. 

What's very odd is that the family does not seem fazed by Bella being missing, and instead, they seem to only care about the battle for power. 

Hakeem seemed to be the only one who cared for his daughter, making posters and rounding up his friends to help find her. 

Andre Is Annoyed on Empire Season 3 Episode 4

We then got to see Andre running down his plan to kill Lucious with Shyne, who seemed a little too happy about all of the crazy developments. 

Shyne asked what Lucious did to him to get him so worked up. 

“Everything,” Andre says. “More than you could ever imagine. I’m the only one that knows what he truly is. That’s why I’ve got to kill him.”

Back at the mansion, Leah managed to get Anika to put her hands on the letter opener that killed Tariq, thus, implicating her in the murder of Tariq. 

She's a crazy woman, but she's also pretty scary. 

Cookie Has a Decision

With Cookie in Vegas, Lucious reveals that he and Giuliana are franchising Leviticus, and Cookie told her ex-husband to back the eff off. 

While Jamal was swearing he was off men to Becky, a new man appeared in his life, and it was obvious he had some secrets. 

Hakeem followed Anika to the Dubois family and said he would do anything for his kid back. Mrs. Dubois hands Bella over and says she will be in contact. 

Um, okay then. 

When Cookie went backstage to get under Giuliana's skin, Lucious showed his hand to the women. 

Lucious is Ready to Fight

“So Giuliana, it’s time for you to go kick rocks. Cookie is the love of my life. Always was, always will be.”

When Giuliana said half of the club belong to her, Lucious said the papers she signed earlier were signing her share away. 


Lucious then revealed the Vegas show was When Cookie Met Lucious, and all seemed to be right in the world of Empire. 

Jamal's new boyfriend was revealed to be part of the Dubois family and was being used to take the family down. 

Jamal Performs on Empire

Anika was then arrested at the hotel for the murder of Tariq. Like we did not see that coming. Hey, at least she's getting some sort of comeuppance. 

Cookie and Lucious then decided to ditch Empire and travel the world together and give it all to Andre, but Andre's plan to kill Lucious went into effect. 

Andre was too late, and an explosion went off. Who died?

Nobody, apparently. 

Three months later, Lucious was in a coma. When he woke up, however, he had forgotten everything and everyone. 

Oh, the drama. 

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