Empire Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: Strange Bedfellows

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Hakeem Lyon is not the luckiest member of the Lyon clan. 

That was addressed on Empire Season 3 Episode 12 when his birthday celebrations became a cause for concern for the people closest to him. 

Meanwhile, Jamal continued to get closer to Philip, but did that mean hurting D-Major in the process?

Jamal Performs on Empire

When the episode got underway, Hakeem was partying the night away in celebration for his birthday. He floated the idea of a live stream of the events, but Andre was very much against it. 

However, it was quickly revealed he and Lucious were just trying to make Hakeem think they could not make the birthday party. Lucious also revealed he was not getting his son an expensive car he wanted. 

We then switched gears to Jamal waking up after the night before with Philip. On his cell phone, D-Major came out in a live stream, but things took a crazy turn when Jamal's ex arrived at his apartment. 

He found Philip rushing to get dressed, and Jamal told him to leave. D-Major was having none of it and said he came out for Jamal. This presented Jamal with some decisions as he wondered which man was best for him. 

After some wise words from Cookie, Jamal had D-Major kicked out of Empire. This also paved the way for Philip to punch Major, but Jamal was less than impressed and said Major was going through tough time. 

Surprisingly, Philip did not run off and ditch Jamal for his blatant favoritism over his ex-boyfriend. 

At Hakeem's birthday party, the venue was not impressed when they learned none of the family members would be attending and refused to pay Hakeem a fee. 

The youngest Lyon then took the party to the Empire bar. 

Hakeem's Birthday is Ruined

That's when two thugs appeared and helped Hakeem. He got his fee and gave the men watches. Things turned dangerous when Tiana appeared with some friends. 

The thugs started fighting with everyone, and the party was shut down. Tiana's friend was injured, and she was upset that Hakeem did not ask about her. 

Andre then gave Hakeem a verbal beat down and shut the live stream down, telling his brother he was done at Empire. Hakeem decided to spend the rest of his birthday with Bella. 

Yes, he does remember he has a kid. Lucious was shocked by his son appearing in the dead of night and chatted with him about fatherhood. They bonded, and Hakeem left with Bella. 

While all of this was going down, Giuliana continued to pursue Andre to get closer to Lucious. At the conclusion of the episode, she got close to Andre before revealing her master plan to a thug. 

She wanted to get closer to Lucious to take everything from him. Yes, we have another money grabber, you guys!

In addition, Anika returned to town, and Leah offered to murder her. We're not even kidding about that last part. This show is just crazy. Anika decided to get close to Tariq so the case could be dropped. 

What did you think of the drama?

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