Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and...

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As speculation continues to swirl regarding their past, present and future, Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett were spotted in L.A. Thursday.

Photographed in the same SUV, it was the first time they've been seen together since his alleged affair with transsexual Ava London was exposed.

The Playmate seemed to be in good spirits as they drove to friend's house, sparking rumors that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are still together.

According to an eyewitness, when they got out of the car, which was driven by Hank, they both "were smiling and looked like a normal happy couple."

Kendra and Hank, the parents of two children together, proceeded to stay at the unknown friend's place for about an hour before driving on home.

The outing comes in the wake of reports that Hank cheated on his wife of five years, with a woman with a penis no less, leaving their union in peril.

It has also been a crazy week for teasers for the new season of Kendra On Top, Wilkinson's reality show on WeTV, which premieres on October 3.

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Kendra Wilkinson wishes you were right, people. She really does.

But in a new interview with E! News, the reality star opens up in detail about rumors that her husband cheated with a transsexual model named Ava London and says she is NOT conjuring up this tale just to make headlines and garner ratings.

"I wish we did," Kendra says in the following video, responding to talk that she and Hank Baskett invented this scandal and adding:

"It is the most insulting thing out of all this, that people think that this is fate. I would never do this to myself. You know, I would never degrade myself like that."

We'll ignore the fact that Wilkinson got famous for sleeping with a man old enough to be her grandfather and instead focus on why many don't believe Baskett actually cheated.

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Learning that Hank Baskett cheated on her with a transsexual was brutal enough, but Kendra Wilkinson says the aftermath of the scandal was harder still.

Sorry, may have cheated. Neither Kendra or Hank of publicly confirmed his alleged mutual hand job session with Ava London, although Ava has. Often.

Previews for Season 3 of WeTV's Kendra on Top certainly make it look like Hank confessed it to Wilkinson, though, because she is ... well, a Baskett case.

Kendra is On Top

Hank messing around with a woman with a penis? Pretty shocking, but trying to shield their son, Hank IV, 4, from the backlash was what really tore her up.

"When the news broke, I flipped on Hank and told him to get out of the house," she tells People. "But then I allowed him to come back and get Little Hank."

"Because we knew there was going to be this s--t storm. I had to calm down and really just think logically and figure out what the right thing to do was."

She asked Hank Baskett to take Little Hank to his parents' house in New Mexico.

"I was like, you need to take him and just hide out for a while," she says, noting with obvious irony that "I felt I just gave my son away to a man who'd cheated on his family."

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Ava Sabrina London, the transsexual model Hank Baskett with whom allegedly had a sexy fling while wife Kendra Wilkinson was pregnant, is again going on record about it.

The rumor is true, she says, and he'll likely do it to Kendra again!

  • Ava London Image
  • Hank and Kendra Baskett

Wilkinson's horror, shock, devastation and rage at the fact that Hank cheated on her with Ava is evident in the new season of WeTV's Kendra on Top.

Heck, it's the only reason for the reality show, honestly.

Because the details of the affair are so out there, and the teasers for the show so hilariously scripted and over the top, many fans think it could be a hoax.

Not so, Ava London says. Not in your life.

“He called me the evening after [the affair story broke] and asked how I could help him,” Ava reveals in a new interview with celebrity gossip magazine In Touch.

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Kendra on Top ... or Rock Bottom? This new sneak preview clip from the third season of Kendra Wilkinson's WE tv show would make you wonder.

The reality star is seen in an awfully distressed state as she attempts to piece together her life after Hank Baskett's hand relief session with Ava London.


Sobbing and falling to her knees in totally not scripted fashion as she learns that Hank may have cheated on her with a transgender model, Kendra is reeling.

The betrayal occurred while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant with their second child, Alijah, now five months old, and was exposed by London herself.

"The world is accusing my husband of cheating on me with a transsexual," Wilkinson says in the clip. "What I know from my life is that men give up."

"This marriage ... was a huge lie."

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WE tv has released a new, utterly ridiculous promo for Kendra on Top.

It features Kendra Wilkinson confronting Hank Baskett over his alleged affair with a transgender model named Ava London and it once again raises the question:

Come on... did this affair really happen?!?

There's the report that Kendra and Hank have been spotted out on vacation together, believing they were not being photographed and acting totally happy and in love.

There's the latest rumor that Wilkinson and Baskett are 100 percent back together.

And there's the fact that Kendra and company want viewers to believe that Baskett just happened to cheat on her in time for the premiere of her reality show.

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Did or or didn't he?

That's been the question surrounding the Hank Baskett cheating story for weeks now, as many wonder whether he and wife Kendra Wilkinson simply invented this scandal to serve as a storyline for their reality show.

But are they or aren't they?

That's also a question being asked in relation to the couple itself and the status of Wilkson and Baskett. Are they together? Are is a divorce on the horizon?

"They are 100 percent together," an insider confirms in the latest issue of Life & Style.

Why? How could Kendra take Hank back after he had sexual relations with a transgender model named Ava London? While Kendra was eight months pregnant, no less?!?

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With news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are married (SURPRISE!) we started thinking about the many, many celebrity weddings we've witnessed over the years.

And man, have we witnessed a lot of celebrity weddings!

Some stars have even managed to get married more than once recently coughKimK​cough leading us to take a look at some of the best celebrity wedding dresses we've ever seen:

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Wow. That's all we can say about Kate Middleton's wedding dress. She looks simply stunning.

Regardless, when brides like Kate Middleton step out in front of the cameras, the world takes notice. Likewise with famous faces such as Kaley Cuoco and Kim Kardashian.

It's no surprise that their fancy frocks fuel an entire industry, because what woman doesn't want to look like a LITERAL princess on her big day?

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Kendra Wilkinson recently rekindled her relationship with her mother in the wake of the Hank Baskett cheating scandal, but the reconciliation was short lived.

So says Patti Wilkinson, in an interview lamenting the renewed estrangement.

“After news of Hank’s affair broke, I was there for Kendra the second she needed me. I drove up to see her and got to spend time with my grandchildren," she says.

"It felt like old times, but then things took a turn for the worse. She just stopped talking to me,” Patti said, adding that “It was like a switch flipped."

K-Dubs, she says, believed her long-estranged mom to be the leak of the awesome story that Kendra flushed her wedding ring down the toilet.

Patti-Dubs adamantly denies any responsibility there, saying "I told her that it had to have been someone in her inner circle, but she didn’t believe me."

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It may seem as if they exist in a wholly different universe, but even celebrities attended middle school and high school.

Seriously! It's true! Remember these celebrity prom photos that really must be seen to be believed?

Now, to further drive home the point that even a global UNICEF ambassador such as Angelina Jolie, and even an amateur sex tape star such as Kim Kardashian, have something in common with regular folks, we've comprised a gallery of celebrity yearbook pictures.

While some actresses look pretty much the same (we'd know Jolie's pouty lips anywhere!), the changes in others from their teenage years until now is remarkable.

Like the ninth star listed below, for instance!

If we didn't give you his name, you may not even recognize him! Click around to see what we mean and to whom we're referring:

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea, born Amethyst Kelly, in her old yearbook photo. That's awesome.

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