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For years, we have heard alarming details about the Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefner, and more.

Not every former playmate feels the same way, however. And that goes double for Girls Next Door alums.

Kendra Wilkinson has long recalled a distinctly different experience at the infamous mansion.

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt have a working theory as to why Kendra’s memories clash with their own.

Kendra and Holly Picture
Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, posing for the cameras. Couple of real winners at life.

Holly and Bridget have been speaking about their experiences on their shared podcast, Girls Next Level.

On a recent episode, the pair delved into how the Playboy Mansion once felt packed with others.

Over time, the population thinned until Holly, Bridget, and Kendra remained.

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What made the difference? According to Holly, a key player was absent from the Mansion.

Hugh Hefner no longer had a woman finding young hotties to entertain him in the bedroom.

“There wasn’t really a recruiter anymore and we weren’t going to recruit, hell no!” Holly explained.

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According to Holly, Hefner stopped distributing quaaludes in 2004 “because there weren’t new girls coming upstaris.”

Famously, this recollection conflicted with Kendra Wilkinson’s claims about the Mansion.

“After my book came out and I talked about the quaaludes, Kendra went on a rant,” Holly acknowledged.

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Kendra Wilkinson is enjoying a cup of coffee in this Instagram photo. She shared it on her page in late 2017.

Holly specified that this was “on her show when she had that show on WE tv.”

She described: “She was like, ‘She’s f–king lying, Hef’s a pimp, he doesn’t have to drug people.'”

Holly explained: “I’m like, he wasn’t handing them out when you came around.”

Holly Madison and Kendra
Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, just doin’ their thing.

“And it’s just so offensive to me,” Holly expressed.

She felt offense “when she tries to accuse me of lying when I’m talking about stuff.”

Holly then emphasized that these are things “that happened before she was even there.”

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Holly pointed out: “And since then, so many other people have come out talking about the quaaludes.”

When Kendra joined, the numbers in the Mansion were already dwindling.

She reports that, at the time, Hefner told her that he kicked out one of the girls for offering drugs to Kendra.

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Kendra Wilkinson is saying goodbye to her classic blonde look and sporting brunette hair, earning shock and praise from her fans and followers.

At the time, Holly believed it. In retrospect, she’s not so sure that it was true at all.

“I never heard that from Kendra, she didn’t mention it in her book …” she remarked.

Holly added: “Kendra’s book is not the most reliable thing in the world, but she didn’t mention it.”

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Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner, back in the crazy, creepy day.

Her theory is that Hefner may have told her things to make her “jealous” of Kendra.

But with so many “mean girls” gone, adding Kendra to the gang “was like a breath of fresh air.”

Bridget chimed in: “We all got along. We did stuff together.” Holly agreed that it was nice to get a break from the drama.

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Bridget admitted that she never read Kendra’s memoir, and only learned years later how it contrasted with her own experiences.

She emphasized that she is “not pissed about it,” noting that Kendra said nice things about the girls.

But Bridget felt astonished over Kendra’s recollections, which she says were untrue. This details how she felt welcomed (or not) at the Mansion.

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Holly speculated that Kendra may have felt suspicious of them, and misinterpreted friendliness as some sort of trap.

She also wondered if the memoir’s ghostwriter used creative license to portray Kendra as “the underdog.”

Bridget added that it felt “disheartening” to hear Kendra’s memoir describe drama that she herself went out of her way to avoid.