This radio DJ stuck is very rich when he signed a deal with Sirius Radio. He makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year and is never...

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David Arquette got drunk and called up his close friend Howard Stern Wednesday, and what resulted was a tangent-filled, emotional and sometimes incoherent chat.

The 42-year-old has struggled with alcohol in the past, and appears to be battling his demons again - or he just had a little too much fun the night before.

"I'm wasted," Arquette said. "I threw a wrap party for this film I'm working on called 'The Key.' This isnt the first time I called you [drunk], I've called in a few times."

Indeed, his drunk phone calls have been epic over the years.

In this particular instance, Arquette was quick to discuss his relationship with Courteney Cox, his former wife, as well as his undying love for Howard.

"You are incredible," he told Stern. "You are God. We're all gods in our own way. We're all droplets of God. The whole game is to entertain God. God created us all."

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Robin Quivers made her triumphant return to The Howard Stern Radio Show studio this morning, following 17 months during which she did the program from home as the result of a cancer diagnosis.

Quivers said she felt little pressure participating in person again inside the SiriusXM booth, but Stern was clearly emotional.

"Seriously, I've been praying for this day... and I'm really happy that you are here," the host said, telling his long-time colleague to never again fall ill.

"I was very very depressed over your illness," Stern added. "I wasn't sure what the outcome was going to be. There was a time I really did think I was going to lose you permanently. And I'll tell you what, this is a pretty remarkable day that you are here triumphant and cured. I never would have predicted this. Honestly."

Amen, Howard. And welcome back, Robin.

These two have worked together since 1981.

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Kid Rock is not what you'd call a big fan of Justin Bieber.

He spoke out about the star on Howard Stern's radio show on Wednesday, likening Bieber to Vanilla Ice, and predicting his long, hard fall from grace.

Or whatever you'd call where Justin is right now.

Rock was promoting his $20 Best Night Ever tour, where he's charging fans only $20 a ticket, when the topic of Bieber's recent woes came up.

"Tell me if this is wrong," he asked Howard. "Justin Bieber ... is 100 percent like watching Vanilla Ice all over again. It's exactly the same."

When Stern remarked that Ice was a one-hit wonder, Rock amusingly responded, "Well, then as soon as Bieber has a hit, he'll be like Vanilla Ice."

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Farrah Abraham is taking the phrase "self love" to new heights/depths.

During a tell-all interview on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show today, the Backdoor Teen Mom star revealed that she pleasures herself regularly.

While watching the Farrah Abraham sex tape. Delightful.

Farrah Abraham O-Face

Abraham, 22, didn't hold back while discussing her her porno.

When a caller (no, not Charlie Sheen) remarked that he's climaxed while watching James Deen put it to her, Stern asked Farrah what turns her on.

"I masturbate to ... I like to watch my own video," she said.

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It's safe to say Howard Stern will not be replacing Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 a.m. on NBC.

Following rumors that Stern would take over for Fallon - after Fallon moved over to The Tonight Show upon Jay Leno's retirement - the America's Got Talent judge slammed that talk on his Sirius talk show this week.

Stern, Howard

"What an insult," the shock jock said Monday. "Like, all the years of my career. I'm like, the biggest guy in radio. I've done film. I've done television…I mean, they act like I'm some kind of f--king beginner or something...

"Maybe if I'm really nice to NBC they'll let me take over Carson Daly's show at like 2 o'clock in the morning."

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Is the King of All Media preparing to conquer a new realm?

With rumors circulating that Jay Leno will announce his retirement this May and hand over reigns of The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon in 2014, The New York Post now reports that NBC has already selected its ideal replacement for the 12:35 a.m. time slot:

Howard Stern.

Howard Stern in NYC

Sources tell the newspaper Stern is being "groomed" by the network to move into late night television, as executives are thrilled with his work on America's Got Talent.

Are you down with this idea? Should Howard Stern replace Jimmy Fallon?


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Howard Stern is on Team Kelly Clarkson.

With the original American Idol embroiled in a feud with producer Clive Davis - Clarkson believes Davis is a bully and a liar for passages in his new memoir - Stern spoke out yesterday in support of the artist.

  • Howard Stern Red Carpet Photo
  • Kelly Clarkson Rules!

"I always find it sickening when management guys like to set the record straight about how f--king creative and what geniuses they are," Stern said on his Sirius show.

"And, like, this guy's trying to diminish what she does? Doesn't he have enough in life? Can't he sort of tell his story without f--king degrading her and putting her down?"

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Brandi Glanville does not hold back ... but she outdid even herself with comments yesterday on Howard Stern's radio show. She was in rare form indeed.

The Drinking & Tweeting author spoke candidly about her co-stars' salaries, lamenting that the more senior Housewives make $250,000 per season.

“I want what they’re getting, cause I feel like I work hard,” lamented Brandi Glanville, who added of her Beverly Hills co-stars, “They are just c**ts.”

Stern asked Brandi about the weird dynamics between her and ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, who she is somewhat ironically making more famous now.

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Russell Brand discussed John Mayer and Katy Perry with Howard Stern earlier this week, and his pop star ex was spared any truly brutal comments.

At least considering this is Russell Brand and Howard Stern.

  • Katy Perry and Russell
  • John Mayer in Las Vegas

"What do you make of your ex-wife dating John Mayer?" Stern asked, getting right down to it. "Doesn't she know that he's a worse womanizer than you?"

"Worse or better, depending on how you view it," Brand joked.

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Remember that whole thing where Howard Stern referred to Lena Dunham as "fat" and said watching her in sex scenes was akin to "rape?"

Yeah. The shock jock is really sorry.

  • Lena Dunham Wins!
  • Howard Stern Red Carpet Pic

Following Dunham's appearance late last week on The Late Show with David Letterman, during which she laughed off Stern's remarks, the America's Got Talent judge issued an apology yesterday on his radio program.

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