George Clooney seems like a great, fun guy. He's also one of the top actors of our generation and someone who makes all women swoon....

by Alana Altmann at

Jennifer Lawrence has been named the celebrity with the best reputation. 

Well, color me shocked... 

Everyone's imaginary BFF J. Law is beloved by Hollywood and the public alike, and it would take a whole lot for the golden girl to fall from grace and get on our bad sides. 

But which other stars have good (or not so good) reputations? 

Best and Worst Celebrity Reputations
Everyone just loves to love J. Law. Look at the adorable smile! And she's a total goofball to boot.
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Jennifer Lawrence: Best

1. Jennifer Lawrence: Best

Everyone just loves to love J. Law. Look at the adorable smile! And she's a total goofball to boot.

Beyonce: Best

2. Beyonce: Best

You either wanna be Beyonce or be best friends with Beyonce. She's just got that special something.

Meryl Streep: Best

3. Meryl Streep: Best

Who doesn't enjoy the great Meryl Streep? She so Meryl Streep-y. That's a good thing.

Jay Z: Best

4. Jay Z: Best

Hubby to Queen Bey, rapper extraordinaire. Jay Z has a steller rep.

Chris Brown: Worst

5. Chris Brown: Worst

We don't have to explain why Chris Brown's behavior has given him a bad rep.

George Clooney: Best

6. George Clooney: Best

George is beloved by the Hollywood elite and pretty much all of America. He can do no wrong. (OK, he wasn't the best Batman...)

Kim Kardashian: Worst

7. Kim Kardashian: Worst

Oh, Kim. One of the biggest names in the world and still a bad rep.

Justin Bieber: Worst

8. Justin Bieber: Worst

Justin's recent antics have landed him on the worst rep list. Not surprising.

Farrah Abraham: Worst

9. Farrah Abraham: Worst

Farrah Abraham is a star. A porn star and a reality star. Not the best combo to boost a reputation.

Well, according to HuffPost, has calculated celeb reps based criteria like sentiment, traffic and social media over the last 30 days. 

The results aren't exactly surprising (ahem, Chris Brown on the worst list, ahem) but we want to know if you agree. 

Click through above to see who has the best and worst celebrity reputations!

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by Hilton Hater at

This just in: People apparently hate George Clooney. And Tom Hanks. And even Matt Damon.

Indeed, some of the biggest stars on the planet were featured on the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

It's a grand television tradition and it's one the the explains thusly:

"We like to shine a light on those who post cruel and horrible comments on Twitter. People can be vicious, and it hurts. To raise awareness and to maybe make people think twice before they post something awful, once again we've assembled a group of famous faces..."

Are these hate-filled Internet users the same folks who posted racist Tweets in response to the controversial Super Bowl Coke commercial? Probably.

Watch the newest edition of this feature now and then check out a few past installments as well:

Stars Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
Celebrities, such as George Clooney, read mean Tweets about themselves in this video, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The footage is hilarious.
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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

1. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Celebrities, such as George Clooney, read mean Tweets about themselves in this video, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The footage is hilarious.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Volume 5

2. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Volume 5

Celebrities read mean Tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And it's hilarious.

NBA Players Read Mean Tweets

3. NBA Players Read Mean Tweets

NBA stars read mean tweets about themselves in the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's Mean Tweets series.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

4. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Celebrities reading mean Tweets about themselves on Jimmy Kimmel. Funny stuff!

Stars Read Mean Tweets

5. Stars Read Mean Tweets

This is a hilarious bit by Jimmy Kimmel and a number of celebrities, as Kristen Stewart and others read mean Tweets directed at them.

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by Hilton Hater at

Gary Tate has made a living by looking like George Clooney.

The celebrity impersonator has appeared at various gigs over the years and banked a modest amount of cash by pretending to be the Oscar-winning star.

But Tate says he turned down a pretty decent payday recently when a London businessman offered him $8,000... to sleep with the man's wife! For real!

The guy said he and the Mrs. have an open relationship, but that wasn't enough for Tate to accept the deal. Watch this video for more on the indecent proposal:

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by Free Britney at

In Gravity, which lands in theaters this weekend, director Alfonso Cuaron has given new meaning to the "lost in space" theme, and to the very concept of isolation.

It's as much an existential exploration as it is science fiction.

Following an explosion during a space walk, the premise is a human being, floating tiny and unbound, in the limitless, quiet, stark expanse of the cosmos.

Add in Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and what have you got? Critical gold! Check out excerpts from some of the week's top Gravity reviews ...

"The film’ extraordinarily beautiful in its vision of a much larger universe, and it’s slyly honest about our insignificance within it. That’s what makes the ending both awe-inspiring and far-fetched. - Boston Globe

"A great movie is hard to define. So let Gravity do it for you. With enthralling detail, it offers thrills, humor, dazzle, disaster, poetic vision and mythic reach." - Rolling Stone

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by Hilton Hater at

It may be on again between George Clooney and Monika Jakisic.

The actor, who we first connected to the Croation model in 2007, reportedly slept over with Jakisic at his Los Angeles mansion on September 25.

We doubt much sleeping was involved, though, if you know what we mean!

"They have an incredible connection," an insider tells Us Weekly of Clooney and Jakisic

The sexual tension had been building for a while. Back in May, the London-based stunner, 33 -- known as the "Croatian Sensation" -- and the Gravity actor unabashedly flirted at London nightclub Loulou's.

The pair allegedly "held hands and danced" back in May inside London nightclub Loulou's, though little else went down at the time because Clooney was still dating Stacy Keibler.

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Two of the most popular movie stars on the planet, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, traveled to Venice together to promote their film Gravity.

After spending time in Clooney's famed villa in Lake Como, the group jumped on a coach bus (yes, coach), and headed off to the Venice Film Festival.

Apparently Clooney, who is known for pranks on set, kept things serious this time, she recalled: "[Gravity] was so hard that pranks had no place."

"There was never down time. How are you going to prank someone who's hanging from a scaffold with 12 wires, rigged up all day?" Bullock said.

"We had a truce at the very get-go because that just wasn't the place to prank."

Here's a look at the film starring the pair:

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by Hilton Hater at

It's all over between Stacy Keibler and George Clooney, and new details regarding this famous couple's split have now gone public.

According to TMZ insiders, things had grown sour between the attractive stars for about three months.

And with Clooney shooting a movie in Berlin through December, Keibler concluded she just could not do the long distance thing any longer. So she officially ended their relationship... over the phone.

  • Is That George Clooney?
  • Stacy Keibler in Black

"Both sides realized there is no way to have a relationship when you don't see each other," says a source, adding that the Oscar winner handled the split very well:

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It really, truly, finally is over between George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.

Following rumors in March that the end was near for this beautiful couple, an insider tells People that Keibler pulled the romantic plug for the same reason that has befallen many of Clooney's relationship:

She did not see it going anywhere especially serious.

  • George Clooney with a Mustache
  • Stacy Keibler Red Carpet Photo

"Stacy called it quits," the source says. "She wants to have children and a family someday. She knows where George stands on that. They talked and they quietly stopped being a couple several weeks ago."

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by Justin Dweeber at

For some, the scariest movie image would be something like zombie ghost dogs jumping out of a haunted shed and eating your face, thus turning you into a zombie ghost dog.

Those people have probably never considered being stranded alone in the infinite darkness of space.

Watch the first Gravity trailer to get an idea of what it might be like, and then try sleeping ever again:

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star as astronauts on their first and last missions, respectively. While on a space walk, their ship explodes, leaving them stranded in space with no communication with Earth.

Gravity is directed by Alfonso Cuarón. It will premiere October 4.

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by Justin Dweeber at

Gravity is the latest "isolation" movie that follows one person's--or in this case two people's--terrifying battles against harsh, stark, nature.

Think Castaway or 127 Hours or any of the Twilight movies (in this case you, the audience member are the one stranded in isolation).

The difference with Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is that it takes place in space. Everything's way more terrifying in space.

Check out the first Gravity poster:

Gravity Poster

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