37 Worst People of Wal-Mart Photos EVER

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Oh, People of Wal-Mart. You never fail to depress the rest of us about the state of humanity. Or just make us feel really, really good about ourselves.

1. Clothing Optional

Clothing Optional
Hey, she's wearing shoes! That counts for something, right?

2. Abraham Lincoln, Wal-Mart Shopper

Abraham Lincoln, Wal-Mart Shopper
He heard they'd rolled back prices on stovepipe hats and had to see for himself!

3. Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders
Hospital food IS sort of gross, so we almost can't blame this guy for heading out to grab some snacks, can we?

4. Before He Cheats

Before He Cheats
Someone is a Carrie Underwood (and colorful language) fan.

5. Captain Obvious

Captain Obvious
In case it wasn't obvious, her shirt spells it out for you and everybody else.

6. Redneck Truck

Redneck Truck
Didn't the El Camino beat these guys to it?

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The workers working there are just as bad!!!


37 is wandering around to find his wife before someone snaps her photo and posts it here.


Okay, Parking lot pics do not count unless you can prove it's a WalMart lot. Yes, people are less than pigs and brain dead to boot. And did anyone bother to ask the bologna dude about his cart load? Large family? Foster home? Soup kitchen? minimum wage? While it's apparent that WalMart attracts low income shoppers, it's not apparent that the management is paying attention or even cares that allowing people, like some of these, into the store and ruining it's rep. Also, don't forget, there are a lot of other big, and little, box stores that have the same issues with it's customers. This is the decade of "screw decency and common sense, I'm gonna be as nasty as I wanna be, I wasn't put here on Earth to be a role-model, it's all about ME, ME, ME."


I weep for humanity.


I like the guy with the top hat, the ugly lady in the bikini, there's no telling id its the walmart next to the waterpark, at a beach, or some such thing, still thats what sarongs are for. The guy with the IV's come on he's obviously injured. You go home from the hospital, you stop and get your prescriptions and bandages. Then some immature jackwad takes a picture of you and ridicules you on the internet. Just proves how big of scumbags you have in "upperclass" society. You're just as stupid, angry and ignorant as the rest of them I'm sorry to say. No I'm not sorry I'm happy you're a dck wad. Could of course lose the hospital gown but it doesn't look like he has any other shirt with him. The car, thats great. Hardly anything exclusive to the poor.


As a person who use to do store security, Walmart brings in the lowest as far as the gene pool goes. Not all mind you, but other stores don't tolerate the antics that Walmart lets go. For instance... I'm not shopping at a store that allows you to walk freely through the store with a handgun, NOT HAPPENING. I'm not against guns, but when in a PUBLIC RETAIL atmosphere, NO FRIGGIN WAY do I allow that if it were my store. I've seen fights over spots in checkout lines...I've seen little thug wannabee types, trying to rob people in stores and I've seen people acting like there 5 years old in the backyard. It's actually sickening at how SOME people act in public nowadays. Walmart is too blame for alot of this because they keep cutting security staff while other underpaid employees aren't hired for that kind of job of security. The one woman in the blue t-shirt saying, "I like to f***" What kind of moron would wear that outside where young children can read that? Sad that this troll is knocked up and raising a child, when it's obvious she's not qualified to raise bread

@ Ed L

i agree. Unless it is a service animal, NO dogs. cats, iguanas should be allowed in any store that sells over 80% grocery. that is disgusting.


The Prez is heading over to the cheese dept!


#20 Is that a coconut in there?


It's a sheep, not a goat


i think that's a sheep not a goat - still qualifies as a Wal-Mart photo and might be even more Wal-Martian for that matter...

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