Anna Faith Carlson: HOT Elsa Look-Alike!

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WOW! Check out photos of a teenager who looks just like Elsa from Frozen.

1. Elsa Lookalike

Elsa Lookalike
Whoa! Anna Faith, an 18-year old from Florida, looks just like this beloved Frozen character.

2. Anna Faith Carlson Bikini Photo

Anna Faith Carlson Bikini Photo
Anna Faith Carlson, the human Elsa from Frozen, could melt anything frozen.

3. Anna Faith Cleavage

Anna Faith Cleavage
Anna Faith Carlson, the human Elsa from Frozen, shows off her cleavage on Instagram.

4. Elsa at the Prom

Elsa at the Prom
When you look just like Elsa, how can you not attend your senior prom in this kind of blue dress?

5. Anna Faith Bikini Picture

Anna Faith Bikini Picture
Anna Faith Carlson, the cute girl who looks like Elsa from Frozen, loves her selfies. And bikinis.

6. Pretend Elsa and Anna

Pretend Elsa and Anna
Anna Faith looks just like Frozen's Elsa. And she's embracing that resemblance by posing alongside a friend dressed up like Anna.

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check out @elsabooxoxo on instagram she looks more like elsa than this one


nope Zalona is the real life elsa. but thanks for trying


That's her sister dressed up as Anna. Her name is Lexie Grace


can people stop saying disgusting thing about her she said it creeps her out


she looks smoke in hot lol include in the first photo


I wish more women took care of their bodies like Anna.


Beautiful girl but I can see this going south really fast if she's not careful.

@ pdsnider

ssssh, don't tell her. We all would like to hit, pump, squirt and vanish with this biotch B4 she catches on.


Neither are beautiful Pretty maybe big saggie BOOBS nasty probly fake any way get a grip. SEX SALES That's all

@ Tie Ridge

She is hot.

@ Tie Ridge

I'd still like to play with and kiss those babies.

@ Tie Ridge

Ive seen plenty of big nice natural boobs. You just sound jealous

@ Jeff Chapman

but hers really are fake. There are photos on the net with her having bandages around them, due to surgery


Poor young lady has no idea this it for her. She'll be bummed the rest of her life never able to recapture that 15 minutes of fame feeling. Hopefully she will channel that soon to be new found low self esteem and go directly into porn!

@ Daddy O



This young lady has a fabulous figure. Looks delicious.

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