The X Factor Winner: Who Came Out on Top?

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The X Factor Season 3, mercifully, has come to an end.

And the finale represented everything strange and uneven about the competition, lowlighted by an odd montage to departing judge Demi Lovato (an admitted substance abuser) that featured her often taking swigs from a cup and defying Simon Cowell.

The punchline? Demi drinks Annoying Juice. Lovato's reaction, as caught on camera in a candid moment? "That's f-cked up," she said to Kelly Rowland.

The X Factor Season Three Finalists

But... oh... right: there was also a winner to crown.

Carlito Olivero was eliminated first, leaving it down to Jeff Gutt and the adorable twosome Alex & Sierra.

And the champion is… ALEX & SIERRA!!!

“Thanks for not making fun of my weird faces all the time,” Sierra said, shocked, soon after hearing the news.

So, hey, at least the show got the winners right. Or did it?

Do you agree with the outcome? Did Alex & Sierra deserve to win The X Factor?

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