Honest Bride Tells Facebook Friends Why They May Not Be Invited to Her Wedding

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Is there anything worse in life than wedding planning?

From the flowers to the band to the gold toilets to the guest list, organizing the details of one's big day is nearly enough to prompt one to simply elope.

But one awesomely honest bride-to-be has made her life easier in at least one of these regards, posting a message on Facebook that makes it very clear why you may not be invited to her wedding.

Anyone care to object to these perfectly valid points? If so... sorry. You're probably off the invite list as well.

Bride Explains Wedding Invitations

See, planning for a wedding doesn't need to be such hard work.

Just be open with your guests, pose in your underwear around an ironing board, pick up a random flower girl at Town Hall and you'll be fine.


Blame It On The...
There's a good chance this bride and groom's story began with alcohol.

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Personally I know her and the rude comments are bunch of crap. Its her wedding day and she doesn't want it obviously ruined. So let's see the comedy in it and why even care if your not invited.


Its obvious she attempted a friendship why waste time on people who dont want to be friends. those people didnt make time for her when she invited them why should she invite them. I agree she shouldnt have posted it on fb rather she should delete those so called friends rather than humiliate them publicly. There are ways to b mature. Shes not a brat she's laying down thd law and she is being honest. I wouldnt invite someone idk or even aquaintances. Why let people free load when they havent tried to befriend u?


Perhaps someone who isn't invited needs to get her book on etiquette. You never tell people who aren't invited they aren't invited no matter the reason. Selfish, immature brat right there. I don't think she will have many friends left after that post. Or perhaps it is her attitude on why people don't want to socialize with her in the first place and she isn't smart enough to understand.

@ jan1964

Very true... maybe its her sassy attitude but either way its her wedding her family is paying for it so her choice but she couldve just sent the invites anyways without saying anything. .. its a bit immature on her part but she makes valid points. Idk if she would be getting married if no one like her obviously someone loves her.


Either the law has recently been changed to allow 13 year olds to marry, or it's going to be an epiphany for this poor sap when he wakes up and realizes that his wife never made it past middle school level on the spectrum of emotional maturity.

@ E Murphy

He actually had it on his fb first she copied and pasted it to hers


I'm about 99% sure I'm going to elope.


The main reason for divorce is marriage! Marriage sucks!!!


More millennial narsassitic behavior. Get over yourself as 95% of the people do not want to go to your wedding anyways! You know what they do when they open the envelope; Son of a bit#$ we just got invited to a wedding!!!

@ holdmybeerwatchthis

So much anger. What's the first thing to do...BLAME IT ON THE MILLENNIALS!! WOOHOO! Look, weddings are expensive. I'm referring to the ones where there's a church, reception hall, and other tidbits involved. You keep the numbers small to tackle the costs. If more people show up than reported, you STILL have to pay for them at some point. There's also that pesky idea of making room for friends and family. Now, did she have to go on FB and announce it like a 16 year old brat planning a "cool kids only" birthday party? No. That part was pretty tacky. However, she brings up some good points. Everyone can't come, unless the wedding party plans on having an expensive event at a really big venue. If not, corners have to be cut. No hard feelings! Now, since we millennials are always being seen as frivolous and such, you'd think a little slow golf clap would be in order for someone trying to cut costs. Of course not.

@ Roni W

I wasn't knocking her trying to save money, it was the way she went about it! She made it seem like anyone who went to her wedding was now royalty. It sounds as if she was using a wedding to get back at people that have wronged her. That is all I was saying about the millenials is that they have a rather crude way of doing things with facebook, twitter, and instagram. Same concept as the keyboard coyboys that say what they want knowing there are no repercussions.

@ holdmybeerwatchthis

RIGHT. Three reasons I haven't gotten legally married;
1. THINKING of planning it gives me a headache.
2. Thinking of the cost makes me nauseous.
3. They are LOOOONG and boring, I don't even want to sit through my own!
I know weddings are meaningful ceremonies, but that doesn't mean I want to sit through one (and lets be clear; WANT and WILL are two different things)!
Way to be honest about it! Like its some great "honor" just to be invited, what a conceited brat. Shes not being "honest", shes being VERY conceited. I would bet a crisp $50 NO ONE she wants to "honor" with an invite wants to sit through her wedding (except maybe her mom).

@ Whit

You don't have to have a wedding to be legally married. I didn't want all the hassle either. My husband and I went to the gool ol' courthouse. Three years later and watching my sister plan her wedding, I don't regret a thing.