Genius Bulldog Empties Pool, Drags New Toy Inside

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Are Bulldogs the cutest breed of dog out there?

Anyone who makes this statement may receive a lot of pushback, the evidence to support the claim definitely exists... at least on The Hollywood Gossip.

There was this puppy Bulldog who refused to go to sleep. There was this Bulldog who went nuts over a carrot.

And now there's the following Bulldog, a canine named Gus who didn't feel like playing in a filled pool outside this summer. Nope, he wanted to mess around with an empty pool inside.

So, much to his owner's chagrin/humor, Gus went about fulfilling this impressive mission. Watch the pet succeed at his hilarious goal now:

Need more proof that Bulldogs are awesome?

Okay. Fine. We offer it up here:

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