Andi Dorfman, Josh Murray Spoof Bachelorette Star's Signature Frown

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The Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are wasting no time acclimating to life in the public eye ... and enjoying moments together in private.

Described as a serious woman who doesn't take herself too seriously, Andi proved this yet again in posing with fiance Josh and his dog, Sabel:

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Frown

"The family that frowns together stays together," Dorfman captioned the photo of herself with her new family members, which she shared via Twitter.

Andi's signature frown on The Bachelorette was likened to Grumpy Cat by host Chris Harrison, but given Josh's love for Sabel, this is even better.

Even if you're a card-carrying member of Team Nick Viall, there's little doubt that Andi is happy with her choice on the 10th season of the ABC hit.

Dorfman, 27, and Murray, 29, have been tweeting and Instagramming about one another around the clock since their romance went public this week.

She also shared a photo of herself with the giant ring Josh gave her.

"In love with this ring but more in love with the man who gave it to me!" she wrote alongside the picture of her diamond, courtesy of Neil Lane.

Andi Dorfman Engagement Ring

Job well done, Josh/Neil. You can both relax and bask in that.

The ring is visible in some of Josh's snapshots, too, including one of the couple en route back to Atlanta, Ga., the city that's home to both reality stars.

"5 hours of sleep in 3 days, sooooo delirious, time for flight back home to ATL with my love @andi_dorfman," the former baseball player wrote.

Their future plans involve a whole lot of gushing about each other. And more than likely a wedding in the spring, possibly with ABC along for the ride.

They've said they're in no rush to get married but are already planning on moving in together once the media whirlwind ends and they get back to real life.

What do you think: Will Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray last?


Not the kind of girl I would want my son to marry! No morals, classless!

@ Jane lazaar

good luck with the son, today things are much different than 50 years ago, double standard I say


Guess he likes her so much because she looks like his dog


Believe me that feeling won't last long how many of these couples stay together. They are no different. Go on e-haromy they are not that great.

@ disqus_gwWJOGBxod

Not believing , history shows some have made it and some have not, so it depends on weather you are a positive person or a negative, I think they have crazy chemistry and will make it


I love that they ended up together, Andi was a great girl.

@ diana

wow...ii felt the complete opposite ..I say if the frown fits...wear it.. she was manipulative and coldhearted which doesn't equal a great girl in my books.

@ judee

well you have to sort threw 25 men, knowing some are not there for the right reason's, I'm sure you have to put up a "poker face", but toward the end I think she came all out and I really like a independent woman who knows what she wants.I thought Josh was the right one and they seem happy, not hating

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