Ryan Gosling Cooks, Cleans, and Grocery Shops For Eva Mendes!

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Ryan Gosling sparked Internet outrage when word spread that he was expecting a baby with longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes.

After the cries of millions of brokenhearted female fans quieted down, however, the news got even more depressing.

First, we found out that Gosling might retire from acting once he becomes a dad. A sad thought to be sure, but the information we received today may be far worse, as it's sure to result in even more anguished jealousy from Baby Goose devotees.

Brace yourselves: Ryan is the perfect boyfriend/father-to-be.

Yes, according to the latest issue of Us Weekly, Ryan's been waiting on Eva hand and foot in the final months of her pregnancy:

"Ryan goes out and gets the groceries," a source tells the tabloid. "[Eva's] been wanting pasta, and he's cooking her meals. Ryan's already stepped into the role of caring father-to-be."

We're not sure about the "already" part, considering Mendes is seven months pregnant, but it's good to hear that Ryan is manning up and making Eva's pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

Don't worry, ladies - we're sure he's got his faults, too. You just know he leaves the toilet seat up on occasion.

Shirtless Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling gets shirtless. You're welcome ladies. YOu're welcome.

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And what does she do for HIM? Our society has a HUGE sexism/misandry problem that's continually overlooked. Today's men/boys are STILL groomed,conditioned,forced by (MAN AND WOMEN) to fit into this mold of what a"MAN" is, how he supposed to act and what he supposed to do and be to his "woman". But yet, society/WOMEN (and some men) fail/refuse to groom their daughters in the same manner about the "roles" of womanhood and what 'their' gender roles are as a woman how it relates to boys/men. When women are expected to fit the mold of what it is to be a 'woman', women/society has gall to label this concept "oppression, misogyny and sexism" and tells the woman, "you don't and shouldn't have too abide by it, leave him and to flee for your life!" and be independent! The double standard CAN'T be overlooked here, people! I get it, you all want your daughters too have good men who will treat them right, nothing wrong with that. But don't you think parents etc. want good "women" for their sons who are UPHELD to the same standards?? It seems women/society are quick to punish men/boys who don't abide by the societal standard of what it means to be a "real man" and the question truly needs to be for the last 30+ years, when have WOMEN been "real women"? Think about that.


whon whon whon! Hot- not anymore ! And for pete's sakes why is he wearing girls pants ??????


I'm not happy about this and im sure hes not either, he broke up with her until he found out she was preggers, she trapped him her master plan worked it got him back ugh!


first off the only truth to this gossip article is Eva is in a relationship with Ryan gosling the rest is BS.there are no photos of them together going to the doctors visits or out in general not a one.second she is suppose to be in her 7 month of this pregnancy and no Ryan gosling any where and i find that odd .this is a very strange couple either of them has yet to come forward and say that they are proud expecting parents or that its the happiest time in there lives or something positive about this whole thing.its hard for me to believe that Ryan wouldn't be so proud of his becoming a father that he cant contain himself but no word from either of them .i don't think its the ideal situation that is being portrade in this article .i like Ryan as an actor and eva has some good movies aswell but why you wouldnt be proud or happy enough to shout it from the roof tops that your both good with the becoming parents is a mystery to me.i hope its a mutual feeling of happiness for them both and not the later.i do wish them both well and i think ryan will be a great dad and im sure eva will be a great mom as well.no hate hear just trying to understand there decision to keep mum .i still would like to know where Ryan is.its like he is missing in action on purpose.


Because its so depressing that he is going to have a baby. He's happy, she's happy, if you are truly a fan of either of them, be happy for them. Don't make the news sound terrible because you were holding out hope to be Mrs. Ryan Gosling, or Mr. Eva Mendes, cuz that is pretty silly.


Congrats to the lovelyte couple!!! May they have a beautiful and healthy baby.


wont last


Funny, he's on the cover of People magazine's July 2014 issue as one of "Hollywood's Hottest Bachelors" as being a sexy single guy... So is Joe Manganiello who is dating Sofia Vergara.




The level of ignorance among some people never ceases to amaze me. I was taking a break from a long day at the office and decided to read a quick article that would possibly make me smile and alleviate some stress. And then I see this comment. She is quite a successful model and actress and we really know nothing else about her. Yet, the only comment you "thought" to write was that she's a "wetback". I'm not even upset or offended; I'm exhausted from witnessing such ignorance. For the love of God, can you at least be creative and/or original? Can you possibly have a thought provoking comment? Can you make educated and informed assessments? If she's a wetback and you are something other than that, then I opt to remain my educated, informed, somewhat original, and exhausted wetback self!