Jenny Lewis Drops New Music Video, Features Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway in Drag

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Jenny Lewis has released the music video for a song off her first solo album in six years. 

But that's not the big takeaway from this footage, set to the single "Just One of the Guys."

Instead, the video quickly went viral because it features stars such as Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart… in drag!

Donning a mustache may not be the ideal way for Stewart to win back Robert Pattinson, but it does help the actress shed her serious image.

Brie Larson and Tennessee Thomas also act like men for a bit in the video, which ought to help push Lewis’ “The Voyager.” That album comes out on July 29. Check it out now:

Not exactly the collaboration you expected, was it?

Consider other weird music collaborations here and now:


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