Justin Bieber Egging Case: D.A. Still Dragging Feet, Unsure on Felony Charge

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Justin Bieber's egging case seems to have paralyzed the L.A. County D.A.'s office, which hasn't filed charges against him in more than six months.

The pop star allegedly hurled eggs at his neighbor's house, causing more than $20,000 in damage in what seemed like an obvious felony case.

After all, the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. got a warrant, raided Justin's house and found a surveillance video placing Justin at the scene of the crime.

There's also a video shot during the act in which Justin taunts the neighbor, promising more eggs ... and the guy even confronted him face-to-face.

The prosecutor initially in charge apparently told the victim in the Justin Bieber egging case that he recommended that his bosses file felony charges.

Yet they have not done so. Officials can't decide whether to file the case as misdemeanor or felony vandalism, the difference between them being money.

If the damage exceeds $400, it's a felony offense, according to the law, and that would certainly appear to be the case here ... but still, no decision.

The D.A.'s office reportedly feels it's stuck between a rock and a hard place here:

  • File a misdemeanor charge, appear soft on Bieber because he's a star. 
  • Call it a felony, look bad for trying to nail a celeb for a"stupid egging."

Both true, but they're eventually going to have to pick one, and we're guessing we know where the brat's egging victim would stand on the issue.

No pinning this one on Lil Za either, JB.


This is f#cking stupid that half of those idiots. Want to charge him with a felony I say go ahead and he wins the case. I hope he sue the f#cking h#ll out of La county for discrimination.

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This is f#cking stupid to be wasting taxpayers money on this case. A average joe wouldn't even have this case investigated at all. The neighbor sounds like a a##hole as well. If I was him ask Justin bieber to pay the damages is fucking all he has to do. He has no F#cking balls either. but he rather have the taxpayers pay for it. H#ll in iowa they put deer head on cars as pranks. they just need to sit the lawyer down a negotiate a deal. instead if this f#cking cr#p.

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hahahahahahahahahahaha: meet the uncertain elementary student.

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