Lisa Vanderpump Broke?! Sexual Harrassment Suit Could Force Housewives Star to Close Restaurants!

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Lisa Vanderpump lost a sexual harassment suit to a former employee recently, and unless she appeals successfully, she'll be forced to fork over $100,000.

That may seem like chump change for a woman who stars in two reality series and owns a pair of successful high-end restaurants, but court documents reveal that Lisa and her husband Ken Vanderpump might actually be facing bankruptcy if the court doesn't overturn its decision.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd

Despite the fact that the Vanderpumps' two restaurants - Sur and Villa Blanco - are both tremendously popular LA hot spots (Sur enjoys hours of free advertising each year as the setting for Bravo's Vanderpump Rules), the couple has now invested more cash in the businesses than they're currently worth.

So with two money pit businesses and a six-figure judgment against them, the Vanderpumps may soon find themselves selling off their assets in an effort to hold on to the good life and keep up appearances.

Despite rumors that Vanderpump would be quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she recently signed on for a fifth season.

Lisa receives a reported $350,000 a season for the hit reality series, but her and Todd's expenses are through the roof. 

In her court testimony, Lisa revealed that she doesn't even know the proper name of her company and joked to the judge, "I'm not very goot at all this."

Yeah, Lisa, we think that's pretty clear. 

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