Kordell Stewart: Porsha Williams LIES About Abuse, Just Wants to "Keep Her Name in Bright Lights"

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Kordell Stewart is responding to Porsha Williams' shocking allegations of domestic violence, claiming she is just trying to "keep her name in bright lights."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star accused Stewart of physically and mentally abusing her during their marriage in a stunning comment earlier this week.

Kordell Stewart, who normally keeps a low profile, responded to Radar that his "heart goes out" to Porsha but that her claims of abuse are simply untrue.

“The most recent untruths by Porsha is her attempt to keep her name in the bright lights. Her current behavior has nothing to do with me,” he said.

“Her claims of physical and mental abuse are false. I completely deny all accusations. It’s ludicrous. I’m focused on being a single dad and raising my son.”

As you're aware of if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and even a Williams apologist will concede, her life has been out of control lately.

She was recently, infamously arrested after attacking her co-star Kenya Moore while The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show was filmed.

While Moore is filming Celebrity Apprentice, Williams has been breaking her silence, claiming she was instantly sorry for the fight with her co-star.

She says she was bullied, that Moore had a “weapon” and she was afraid, however, and nowhere in Porsha Williams' apology is Kenya mentioned.


As for her ex-husband, he's distancing himself from her, explaining, “I divorced Porsha. I’m truly at peace. I hope and pray she can find the same."

“My heart goes out to Porsha,” Stewart added, adding that “It is obvious that she is really struggling in many different ways. I wish her well."


It was not nice that Kenya verbally attacked Porsha but the 2 are nasty to each other all the time. The fight happened so fast that Andy had no change to stop it.
Kenya is outspoken but she is interesting and should not leave the show. Porsha should be fired because she brings nothing to the show and has nothing in common with the other women. She is very immature and all she talks about is her divorce from Kordell and gives him a bad name .He is not given a change to defend himself. Maybe now she has her new boobs she will forget about her ex husband and talk about her boobs.
After the attack all the women comforted Porsha even they don't care much about her and they all have said many nasty things about her like:"She is always late, she has no life experiences, she does not know what she is talking about" Now they blame Kenya for the fight and that is wrong.


Please...... All these housewives show are not about housewives anymore. U have women that are not even married,exes,so called fiance,friends,enemies.what's the deal? Portia Stewart is the type looking for sugAr daddy,money,fame. She got a taste,it felt good.Do not be surprised if you see her in a sex tape or some other mess. Money can can turn folks into disasters.Look out!


Kenya should have Never been allowed to bring those props on that couch at the reunion show. There are 3 attractive young women sitting on the same couch. Leave it to Kenya and Porsha to trade insults and use degrading Names referring to each other as women. Even though Kenya ended up being held accountable (by Porsha), one was just as bad as the other. As a former Miss USA, Kenya proved that just because you can walk across a stage in swimwear, does Not make you a lady. PEACE!!

@ Leo

Props doesn't make a "woman" violent. Everyone knows that Porsha came to the reunion to attack Kenya, as dictated by Nene and Phaedra Parks. Matter of fact, the ONLY one on that show who has Class Kenya along with Cynthia. The other one is socially inept as in Kandi, who finds her niche not only in her business, but instigating. Nene is the Bully of all Bullies without an ounce of class. Phaedra is inept as a lawyer and I wouldn't hire her for a jaywalking ticket due to her illegal activities. No one can ever convince me that she didn't know her husband was robbing people lives by stealing their identities. She and her husband the pretty boy set out from the beginning to paint Kenya in a negative light after she refused to play their little illegal games. Apollo runs game on gullible women using his looks to hook them up in his illegal games and it didn't work with Kenya. Phaedra knew he wasn't going to a "real" job with his baby's book bag on his back.

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