Kordell Stewart: Embarrassed For Porsha, Distancing Himself From Real Housewives of Atlanta Star

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Consider it safe to say that Kordell Stewart is glad The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams now goes by her maiden name again and not his.

The former NFL star wants nothing to do with his former wife after The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion that saw her attack co-star Kenya Moore on Bravo.

“Kordell is distancing himself from Porsha, now more than ever,” a friend close to him said, noting that after the melee, “he’s embarrassed for her.”

“During their marriage, he thought Porsha acted inappropriately to get ratings for the show and wasn’t a good role model for his son [Syre],” the source adds.

“Her fight on national TV just proves that and then some.”

After seeing Porsha smack down Kenya Moore - even if she was provoked, taunted and ridiculed about Kordell specifically - he is disgusted by her antics.

The silver lining? Moving on for good from this disaster.

“When Kordell allowed Bravo into his life, it went against everything he stood for,” the friend says. “He is very private but compromised that for fame-hungry Porsha.”

Porsha Williams first learned that Kordell Stewart filed for divorce via Twitter in March 2013, then got her ass handed to her in the couple's settlement.

Following the split, Kordell was briefly linked to Towanda Braxton, a report he later denied; sources have said that he isn’t ready to settle down ... yet.

“He’s focusing on his son,” the friend said of Kordell's plans.

“When he’s ready to get serious, he wants a women who will be a good role model. He’s looking for someone driven, intelligent, [and] who can take care of herself.”

Bravo stars? Probably not high on the list of candidates.


Take them off the air.


I don't blame you, Kordell, for being embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for you! Did you at least give her some books to read to enhance her intelligence and further her education while you were married? Please someone, anyone, send her some!


kordell Stewart is a bitch, and a closet homo. He also is a controlling asshole.


Krieg simmons love......


Whoever wrote this article didn't know what to say cuz Why would Porscha give a Dam about what Kordell has to say when they are Divorced and wasnt speaking before they got divorced

Heidi ifft

Kordell and Kenya ought to get together. That's a marriage made in publicity heaven.


y do i get the feeling people who watch this are named loquesha and sha nay nay?????


you must have the brains of a flea to watch such garbage

@ joe mas

The same people who watch it are the same people who read about it and comment on it. So, BLOOP! Get a life. If you don't like it, don't watch/ comment. And don't give me that "I have a right to an opinion garbage, you wouldn't comment if you didn't care.

@ Shan_Tells



Kenya has manipulated this entire situation since day one.. Her goal is to replace NeNe as the star and/or lead Housewife.She has never had this much notoriety. Kenya was a nobody before RHOA. RHOA is her last chance to make a name for herself. Porsche did better than me. If anyone is to blame for the "fight" it would be Andy Cohen. He (aka the producers) allow Kenya to bring her "props" knowing fully that she brought them to antagonize Porsche. Well Andy, it backfired. You forgot these are black women. Kenya got what she deserved and she should have been the one sent home for bullying Porsche. Because that is what Kenya is a bully as in pulling NeNe ear, jumping up to go after Christopher Williams wife/girlfriend, pulling Marlo over to confront NeNe etc. This time Kenya got what she deserved. Kenya tried it and, Porsche brought it!!!

@ drucella

If NENE leaves, they can forget RHOA, most people would sop watching and that would be the end. No one want to watch KENYA's sorry lying A**.


I think the real. Blame for this is andy he allow all of this drama in the first place had it been two white women from the real housewives of o.c or new york it. Would have not. Been so much. National attention on the subject because it was two black women it is made a national like all.black women do isfight white women fight more than blacks even more look at all the white housewives shows I think porsha handle herself like anybody would have had they been threaten kenya need help she is truly unhappy with her life to leep causing division on the show with porsha and other co stars she need jesus because her and hergay friend need the lord only unhappy people cause division of. .

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