Porsha Williams: Kordell Stewart Physically Abused Me!

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The split between Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart continues to get uglier. In an interview given yesterday the Real Housewives of Atlanta star accused Stewart of physically assaulting her on numerous occasions.

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Discussing her debut single "Flatline," Porsha stated that while the song "does touch on domestic violence and some abuse I encountered in my marriage, it's not exact to what I went through...what I went through was a little bit worse in some instances."

Asked to elaborate, Porsha said simply, "Abuse. Physical abuse."

Reportedly, Stewart was embarrassed for Porsha and attempted to distance himself from his estranged wife following her violent appearance on this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show.

Now, it looks like Porsha isn't the only one with a tendency to resort to violence. 

Porsha's attack on Kenya Moore resulted in her arrest and she happily discussed her famous mugshot and how happy she was to be recognized by other prisoners during her brief time in jail.

Returning to the topic of Kordell, Porsha concluded by saying that she regrets waiting until her marriage was over to speak out about the abuse she endured: 

"Even though you're being abused, you still love that person. You try to love them through it...I just thought that I could make it better."

The former NFL star has yet to respond to the allegations.

Watch Real Housewives of Atlanta online at TV Fanatic to see Porsha and Kordell in happier times.

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I would love to know why what Kordell did to her in her marriage have to do with her putting her hands on Kenya cuz when Nene talked about her during the show Porscha didn't put her hands on Nene and furthermore Porscha should have y


Porsha is unfortunately not blessed in the brains department. Poor thing she says she got bullied but there were 5 girl gang up on kenya and she kept her cool. Please Porsha you aren't special okay and you should take some black history classes as well as cotillion cause you think you are a thug!


Oh people, leave poor Porsha alone. Kenya is a pain in the butt and deserve the trashing she got, I think that wasn't even enough. I am sure Bravo knew all about Porsha before they hired her so leave her alone, she is young, let her be. Shame on Kenya for provoking someone younger that she is, I am sure she would be in Nee Nee's face like that. Bravo please give Porsha another chance

Sandra page

Porsha, please stop with all of the BULLYING BULLSHIT. There are kids out there really being bullied and committing suicide. You are making a joke out of a serious situation. Shame on you! You could and should have come up with some other excuse for your behavior. A lot of people were feeling sorry for you until you came up with this FIASCO of a story. If you're not fired, please make the decision to get out of reality TV. Every time you speak, I ask myself, "Is she for REAL?" Your Ex and your other enemies are probably sitting back laughing their heads off -- at you needless to say. Sorry for being so harsh, but you needed to hear it. I hope you get to read this message, (someone please pass it along), and I wish you all the luck in your future music endeavors. (I won't be buying any of it, but good luck anyway.)


Wow, what developments have taken place, I was not expecting this turn of events. What ever happened to personal accountability? You mess up you fess up and leave it at that. Porsha is a grown woman did she not know what goes along with so called fame and success. It comes with a price and you have to be ready to pay the cost. There are many people who do not get along in this world famous or not but getting physical is what people do when they don't have the skills to resolve conflict. Porsha could have walked of the set just as we've seen others do on reunion shows. She appeared as if something got into her (Nene and Phadra in her ear and maybe the pills and alcohol), she became very aggressive. She was dishing it out but in the end she couldn't take it. Violence is not the answer and now this bullying and abuse story, it's a disgrace to those who have really suffered through it.

@ Trini

Thank YOU!!!!


I need to make one more comment you stated many times that cordell never physically abused you and even after you split up you had stated he never touched you and if he had you would of been out of there.I stood by you even after you assaulted kenya with the props and held you both wrong but not now I do not like you and you are making these stories up to try and keep your job with bravo. I now have to say you attacked kenya on purpose figuring that would give you a storyline but it backfired on you.I believe someone is putting you up to this crap by planting idea's in your head and you are afraid of losing your job and the house you rented and cannot afford and having to live back at home.




WOW porsha you got nothing in the divorce settlement and you would of came out with it then if it was true to make sure you got a settlement.You are mad at cordell because he called you out on your physical attack on kenya and you are scorned of him leaving you with nothing.Cordell needs to file a lawsuite or get a restraining order or even a gag order against you.You are trying to damage his reputation and he will win.,you have even tried to make people believe he was attracted to men sexually .You should be ashamed of yourself for he has children......go after her cordell for damages........


The end is Nowhere in sight for Porsha stories and misdeeds. I can easily believe that if Porsha had been physically abused while married to Kordell, she would have walked away from that marriage with more than bad memories. Now that she has been in the cooler for her attack on her co-star in madness Kenya,it seems like Porsha is adding an excuse for her bad behavior. She may have been dressed up while sitting on that couch, but when she stood up, the real Porsha went completely off the chain. PEACE!!

@ Leo

Amen. You nailed it. The real porsha is abou4 to reveal herself to the world. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT TAKE CARE OF YOUR C SOUL.