Porsha Williams Apologizes For Real Housewives of Atlanta Fight, Cites "Severe" Bullying

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams is apologizing to her co-stars and viewers for the fight that broke out on the show's reunion special two Sundays ago.

The reality star, who made headlines today by claiming ex-husband Kordell Stewart abused her, is opening up about a physical attack she committed.

"Throughout the season on Real Housewives I was manipulated and bullied and at the reunion taping when emotions were heightened," Williams says.

"I suffered severe bullying since I was a child, to the extent of contemplating suicide, and was physically and mentally abused during my marriage."

"I was pushed too far with objects waved in my face and my personal space was continuously violated, and I reacted in a way which I am not proud of."

On part one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Williams suddenly snapped after Kenya Moore waved a scepter and megaphone in her face.

Reaching for her opponent's hair and dragging her across the floor with it in a swift shocking 10-second melee, Porsha was later charged with battery.

"I'm so embarrassed," Williams says. "Violence is not the answer and I want to apologize to my fans, the viewers and the other ladies for my behavior."

"For the thousands of supporters that have stuck by me I thank you immensely and encourage you to donate to shelters for abused woman and support charities that stop bullying."

"I am dedicated to helping others learn appropriate ways to cope with bullies and abusers and from this experience I hope to continue on a path of personal and spiritual growth."

"I am embarrassed of my reaction and the way that I handled the provocation."

A seriously glam Porsha Williams mug shot was taken after she was booked on a battery charge. Her statement makes no mention, notably, of Kenya Moore.

Moore, meanwhile, told the AP last week that the whole situation is "very unfortunate and sad. If I was in her position, the first thing I would do is apologize."

She has now done so ... but not to Kenya specifically.

Not by accident we're guessing. You tell us ...


I will shaking the red bottle hot sauce like name of Jesus


I know Phaedra hug PORSHA tightly I know PORSHA said to Phaedra I'm so sorry I wish I can comfort my team PORSHA by the way I can do Kwan do on miss USA of bottle hot sauce on tap


I know PORSHA been ups downs for many years from Kenya in the past because of the fight was harsh I want PORSHA stay away from Kenya don't say anything to her so PORSHA can stand by Nene don't let miss USA ratchet hoe to say nothing about PORSHA'S divorce mis courage character husband she will take care of that and not Kenya's let's get that clearly understatement to be more easier for PORSHA to understand how is very important to her how she confirm divorce case is going to be very important to her and her final accomplishment answer to her attorney sometimes it's hard you don't let miss ratchet hoe bottle of hot sauce USA come between you and your husband friends can't come between wife's husband's divorce friends may not questioned with a bad negative harassment with wife's husband divorce


I know is frustrating for PORSHA I feel bad for her I feel sorry for her by the way I'm on team PORSHA for 100% I love her I understand she can't condone physical violence is very upsetting abused i don't want her to press charges the argument battles with Kenya i know PORSHA is very tough intelligent women I know how hard that she pushing she fine who she was that's why I love about her i don't want her struggle to be hard I know she listens to what Nene and Phaedra says that's love comfort a friend calm down of a friend PORSHA


The show sucks


It's unfortunate that viewers can not see right through Porsha. She's no victim. She is trying to get back at Kenya by going on a slander campaign to defame Kenya's character. All the women made a comment about her now famous "underground railroad bloop". She's upset at Kenya's comment. Telling Andy that Kenya is a hateful person. She's the hateful one and clearly jealous of Kenya's intelligence. Porsha does not know the difference between bullying and provoking. She was not intimidated by Kenya. A person that's intimidated would not verbally threaten someone. They would not go over to the bully and start a fight. In addition, Porsha told Andy originally that she was not ready for this reunion and things were happening too fast. She got her divorce and then started filming RHOA. She mention the bullhorn and Kenya's comment abt Kordell. She started changing her story to being bullied and provoked which caused her to fight Kenya. There's no excuse for violence. If Kenya was using the bullhorn and wand as a weapon, why didn't she use them when Porsha was fighting her? Porsha story does not make sense.
Both Porsha and Kenya were throwing shade back and forth at their reunion. They were trying to provoke each other, but Porsha went a stepped further and verbally threaten Kenya.


I think they should revamp the whole show! Porsha and Kenya took it to far. All they are looking for is media attention. It's like who really cares. They both showed how stupid they both are. Porsha getting new boobs didn't help her get any smarter. And Drama Queen you are just so full of your self, you don't have time to look for a man!



Sandra page

Porsha, please stop with all of the BULLYING BULLSHIT. There are kids out there really being bullied and committing suicide. You are making a joke out of a serious situation. Shame on you! You could and should have come up with some other excuse for your behavior. A lot of people were feeling sorry for you until you came up with this FIASCO of a story. If you're not fired, please make the decision to get out of reality TV. Every time you speak, I ask myself, "Is she for REAL?" Your Ex and your other enemies are probably sitting back laughing their heads off -- at you needless to say. Sorry for being so harsh, but you needed to hear it. I hope you get to read this message, (someone please pass it along), and I wish you all the luck in your future music endeavors. P.S. I'm not even going to get into talking about Mama Joyce. Wow! Sadly, that is just another entirely pathetic story!!!


These thugs are ridiculous. They have glamourous lives, money, and no GOD in their lives. They are very materialistic, air headed, and confused about life like the average person.....get a GRIP and STOP the madness. Porche should be embarassed, NeNe needs to get her big arrogant nose somewhere and sit down, Kandi needs to get her two faced self on her affairs and worry about Todd-listen to your mother, Kenya is funny, Cynthia doesn't know where she fits in, and Phaedra is a hot mess.....Apollo is too!!!

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