Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Wedding Will Bring $20 Million in Profits?!

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The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding is scheduled for May 24 in Paris, and while the A-list couple has been secretive about the details of the event, sources say they intend to cash in big time on the public's interest in their nuptials.

Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries may have been shorter than some international flights, but their 2011 wedding netted the reality star a cool $18 million, and sources say Kim is intent on bringing in even more cash for her third trip down the aisle. 

According to In Touch, Kim intends to make over $20 million off of her wedding and she's "cutting deals left and right" to make sure it happens.

Naturally, the bulk of the money will come from Kim's longtime cash cow, the E! network. They'll reportedly shell out $15 million for the exclusive rights to televise portions of the event. 

Despite that massive payday for Kimye, TV cameras will still not be allowed to film the ceremony itself. E! will, however, cover "everything leading up up to and after" the exchange of vows.

The rest of the cash will come from Vogue magazine, who shelled out several mill for the rights to publish the wedding photos. 

In addition to profits from press coverage, a source claims Kim and Ye are saving on the cost of the lavish ceremony through a slew of endorsement deals.

"Decadent food, drinks, and goodies" will apparently be provided for free by "brands that want exposure."

So while all the cost-cutting from such a mega-rich couple? The insider says Kim and Yeezy "realized how much their wedding was costing" and knew they had to do something to defer the expenses.

Sometimes ya gotta get trashy in order to look classy. 


It has always been about a money business deal. Think about it, I wonder how many of their guest did they have to BRIBE/PAY big Bucks and expensive gifts with round trip Private airfare first classto attend their big day? I wonder will they be providing a PRIVATE JET for the Carters to fly them to their wedding destination?HMM will be very interesting to see the outcome of this Circus of wedding. I do wish all well. Kanye will forever sleep with one eye open and one eye closed or he just might whined up as a sacrifice,he will come to see that Pimp Mama Kris Jenner is Wicked,Evil,and very Cursed along with her daughters. Lord please forgive me, it is not my intentions to insult anyone. Think about it Pimp mama Kris Jenner,has been married how many times, especially of the marriages that were never mentioned while she was on one of her drinking binges. Oh well it is what it is.


so is this a business deal or what?

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