Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Wedding Date Set! Kimye to Marry on ...

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set officially a wedding date, and as expected, they're not dragging their heels. It's right around the corner for Kimye.

The couple will exchange vows in Paris, France, as previously reported.

"It won't be a huge wedding," says a source. "Around 150 people."

That not-so-epic wedding will take place on ...

Saturday, May 24 of this year! So soon!

The duo's daughter North West, who turns 1 on June 15, will reportedly have a role in the nuptials, although few details are known as of this report.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged last October after the rapper's proposal, which you can watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online to see.

As far as the dress, Kim Kardashian is still deciding on the perfect gown. "[I've shopped] a little bit, but I really need a good sit down to plan it all out," she said.

"I'm just really excited for this," she added. "So many exciting things are happening in my life, and I feel so much good energy. It's just going to be the best!"

Say what you will about the celebrity couple (and we've said plenty), they do seem downright over the moon about each other. Counting down the days ...


congratulations to you two have got a class of your own.


congratulations to two have got a class of your own.


Its sweet that they are getting married but seriously i see she hasnt changed yet shes constantly about money example her renup with kanye. Its like shes getting ready hoping that they do break up so that she can get all his asserts. Smh.. kanye needs to wake up stop being so blind and realize the kind of woman he has because as i can recall she does have a bad history of being a gold digger and kanye happens to be a good catch for her career wise and money wise so either way he lost and that pregnancy her whole family blood sucking money people planned it cause she would be a nobody if she didnt hook him in. Kim aint stupid but kanye sure seems to be while he is with her watch her leave him broke dead and him regretting everything. Why need a renup when you arent waiting for you both to end


She starting to look like the Joker..


Is the divorce on this one set for 72 days too?


She look so different. Is that the BOTOX and frozen face that was on the other article? If it is OMG She look SURPRISED and her eyes look like some work has been done on it


Oh Yeezus! Just what Paris needed... a National Lampoon European Wedding farce. Will Inspector Clouseau give zee bride away???


Oh no! The media whores picked my birthday to marry! Crap!

@ JimmyT

So sorry to hear. Life is full of challenges. Obama was both inaugurated and the reinaugurated four years later on my birthday.


Since I'm pretty sure I won't get an invitation, I'm not hyped at all. Is the wedding going to be another E special?


I could careless! They run the STD foundation!

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