Lindsay Lohan Reality Show: Canceled By Oprah?!

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Lindsay Lohan has certainly had her troubles in the past, but the "actress" and celebrity gossip favorite seemed to think her new reality show and partnership with Oprah would be the keys to reviving her career and turning her life around.

How wrong she was!

Lindsay Lohan and Oprah Photo

Lindsay's ratings plummeted following the series' debut episode, and news of Lohan's on-set bad behavior only did further damage to her already ailing reputation.

As for Lindsay's alliance with Queen O, it seems the media mogul is severing ties with Lindsay as a result of her boozy antics and sluggish ratings.

Reports surfaced yesterday that the OWN network will not be bringing back Lindsay back for a second season.

The show's upcoming eighth episode will be its last and sources say no one has told Lohan yet!

Lindsay Lohan: Teeth
This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?

"Oprah will tell Lindsay later this month that her show won't be reappearing in the near future," says a source close to the show. "First and foremost, the ratings were an absolute disaster."

"It didn't pull in the viewers that Oprah had hoped for."

The insider adds that while ratings were the number one factor in the decision not to renew, Oprah is also "livid" as a result of Lindsay's behavior on and off camera.

"Oprah grew tired of hearing about Lindsay's private life in other media outlets," the source says.

"Leaked stories generated what many thought was trashy publicity. Oprah thought the show would chart [Lindsay's] time from coming out of rehab to making it back in the A-list movie ranks."

Ha! Lindsay on the A-list! Good one, Oprah. Even you're not that powerful.

Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage Confession
Lindsay Lohan confesses that she had a miscarriage on the season finale of LINDSAY.

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I could swear this was a Documentary about her life after rehab not a series. I don't think Oprah's intent was to make this seasonal

@ jules

It wasn't. It was supposed to be eight parts. The difference between a reality show and a docuseries is that reality shows are seasonal. A docuseries is a designated amount of episodes. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP is just posting bullshit.


It was only suppose to be an 8 part documentary! There never was going to be a second season. Maybe you should do your research before posting. Just want to get your daily punches in at Lindsay lohan.

@ Dan

Thank you! You're so right! There wasn't supposed to be a second season! HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP is just trying to start shit! Good for you for sticking up for Lindsay! I have a lot of respect for you!


lilo could be the role model for a bankrupt america!!