Lindsay Lohan: LINDSAY Reality Show Clips

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Clips from Lindsay Lohan's new reality series LINDSAY on OWN show the star struggling to find her bearings after rehab.

1. Lindsay Lohan Miscarriage Confession

Lindsay Lohan confesses that she had a miscarriage on the season finale of LINDSAY.

2. Lindsay Lohan Cries, Reflects

Lindsay Lohan cries and reflects on her reality show experience with Oprah.

3. Lindsay Lohan Called Out By Life Coach

Lindsay Lohan's life coach questions her sobriety on the latest edition of LINDSAY.

4. Lindsay Lohan Life Coach Quits

Lindsay Lohan's life coach quits on the latest episode of LINDSAY.

5. Lindsay Lohan Relapses

Lindsay Lohan admits she's stumbled on her road to recovery on the latest edition of LINDSAY.

6. Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Cut the Bullshit!

Oprah straight up OWNs Lindsay Lohan in this clip. See what we did there?

7. Lindsay Lohan: Still Sober?

Has Lindsay Lohan maintained her sobriety? We would not wager a ton of money on it.

8. Lindsay Lohan: This is My Last Shot

A clip from Oprah's Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows Lohan talking about how this is her last shot.

9. Lindsay Lohan: I'm a Prisoner

A clip from Oprah's Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows the star talking about feeling like a prisoner in her own life.

10. Lindsay Lohan on Trust Issues

A clip from Oprah's Lindsay Lohan docu-series, LINDSAY, shows Lohan talking about her trust issues.

11. Lindsay Lohan: Under the Microscope

Lindsay Lohan says she's living under a microscope these days. Hard to argue.

12. Lindsay Lohan Shares Private Thoughts From Rehab

Lindsay Lohan shares her private thoughts in OWN's new reality series LINDSAY.

13. Lindsay Lohan: "Close" to Drinking Again

In this clip from her OWN reality show, Lindsay says she's frequently tempted to drink. The actress adds that she's sober for the time being.

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