Kristen Stewart Dyes Hair Orange: React Now!

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Nothing may rhyme with orange, but something can now be associated with this color:

Kristen Stewart's hair!

The 23-year-old dyed her brown locks bright orange for her role in the upcoming movie American Ultra, with The Maison de Cheveux in New Orleans doing the coloring job and posting a photo of Stewart on Instagram.

"Kristen Stewart gettin her hair ready for a new role #americamultra#awesomecolor#houseofhair," wrote the salon as a caption to the above photo.

We wonder what Robert Pattinson thinks of this ‘do.

In the aforementioned movie, which starts shooting this month, Stewart will portray the girlfriend of a stoner played by Jesse Eisenberg.

"Simply put, American Ultra will be the most fun you can possibly have in a movie theater without the use of drugs, fireworks or canola oil," producer Mike Bregman told The Hollywood Reporter in November.

Kristen Stewart Orange Hair Pic

We're excited to check it out.

And for readers to browse through the following examples of wild celebrity hairstyles:


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She's doing this for film role.. so that is her character with orange hair.. I bet. She was born a blonde and very pretty as blonde too.


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