Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling from NBA for Life, Fines Clippers Owner $2.5 Million

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Adam Silver just announced in a NYC press conference that he has banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from all NBA-related activities for life.

He's also fined the 80-year old real estate mogul $2.5 million, an amount that will be donated to various charities.

Silver told reporters that a forensic review of the V. Stiviano audio recording of Sterling being all kinds of racist discovered no evidence it was altered in any way.

The Commissioner added that he spoke with Sterling in the past couple days and referred to his views as "offensive and harmful."

Sterling also admitted to his voice being on the tape.

As a quick refresher: Donald Sterling owns the Clippers and has faced multiple racial discrimination lawsuits in the past.

Over the weekend, TMZ released a recording of Sterling castigating his girlfriend for being seen in public with African-Americans.

He went on to call her "stupid" for thinking that one's skin color doesn't matter and was also recorded talking down about his black players, giving himself props for putting food on their table.

Reaction to Sterling's ignorant idiocy has been swift and has crossed all industries, from sports to music to politics.

Silver apologized directly to Magic Johnson (who was referenced on the tape) and said he will urge the NBA Board of Governors to push for a sale of the Clippers.

"I will do everything in my power to ensure that happens," Silver said at the podium. "We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling's views. They simply have no place in the NBA."


if this was a black guy talking sh*t about white people this would be a non-story. another case of double wonder racism still exists. anyone ever hear of "freedom of speech"??

@ Kalico

Yes, I totally agree with you. This guy was speaking what he felt.. So what!! Blacks are always calling racism. Everywhere you go if they don't get their way it's racism. They can call each other n***ers but don't let a white person say it.


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