Donald Sterling Racist Rant

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Donald Sterling owns the Los Angeles Clippers. In this audio, he goes off on his girlfriend for hanging out with black people.

Wow, I watched and listened to this whole thing. I think she was afraid he was going to leave her and that's why she showed this tape to everyone. The gravy train was headed out and she got scared. She still want to be in public. Personally, I think she is ugly and all she has is her tits to show for, which were probably bought with his money. Come on - how many times we've seen woman like this doing something like this once they start feeling like they will lose their luxury life. Come on. I don't think he meant what he said in the content we are like making out of it. I think if anything we should questions her motive in this. SAD.


People stop being so sensitv...I'm a black dude and I grew up wit white guys black guys all kinda people.I love all....if he's a rich racest then so what. I'm a Jesus lover


There's nothing new about a white man sleeping with a black or a by-racial woman while hating the black male. this is not something new the white male has done this since the beginning with the slaved black woman. I guess that the color black is good or not that bad when it comes to the black woman, that leads me to believe that race goes deeper than just skin.
I think that the black woman have known this for centuries, some black women are really in love with a white man and some black women are with white men because it is purely economical and vise versa but it is the black man that suffers from these kinds of racist attacks. If you hate the color black would that stop you from buying a black car or riding a black horse? of course not! I think that racism is geared towards the black male as it has been for centuries. white men don't have to creep in the darkness of night to sleep with a black women these days, its ok for a white man to have a black woman but it is not ok for a white woman to have a black man.
I just don't understand how could you sleep with someone that you hate and don't want to be seen with, These things makes you an weak person with no morals at all.

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