The Bachelor Finale Results: Who Did Juan Pablo Choose?

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Worst. Bachelor. Ever?

It all came down to this on ABC's The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 11, the epic season finale, followed of course by the After the Final Rose special.

We came into this evening with just two women remaining on this "journey." Would Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become the future Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis?

That was the question on everyone's mind heading into the final rose ceremony when, as predicted, Juan Pablo chose one woman and rejected the other.

So who won the final rose? Did he propose? And are they even together?

The Bachelor Top Two

Turns out The Bachelor spoilers were pretty spot on here in 2014.

Not only was the longtime speculation regarding the winner accurate, so were the details surrounding this weird season and how the aftermath played out.

So who won and who lost (and/or dodged a bullet)? Read on ...

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis left St. Lucia as a couple!

That's right, she got the rose, but El Bachelor didn't propose.

Clare Crawley got the heave ho, and Nikki won. But that's it.

And yet a lot was revealed on the season finale. Namely:

  • He told Nikki he had the ring in his pocket, but he's "not gonna use it" 'cause he's "not 100 percent" sure he wants to marry her, but "I like you a lot."
  • Somehow, this was still enough for her to accept the final rose anyway.
  • He told Clare that he liked f--king her (?!) at least, or something along those lines that's so offensive she won't even repeat it on the program.
  • She can't even bear to look at the guy on the big reunion show tonight.
  • Juan Pablo has no regrets about the way he handled this whatsoever.
  • His big "surprise" was that they are still together! And starting a relationship, beginning today! One in which he still won't say I love you!
  • He is kind of a dick to Chris but eeees okay, he's "honest with people."
  • Just leave them alone, people. This is PRIVATE. And very awkward.
  • Basically Clare, Andi and Sharleen - 3 of his top 6 - hate this clown.
  • Even Juan Pablo's parents don't even seem to like him that much.

As for whether Juan and Nikki have any sort of future, that we will have to wait beyond the standard After the Final Rose special filler to truly find out.

They have no plans, really, to do anything. But stay tuned.

It's been rumored that Galavis was "hurt" after getting dumped by Andi Dorfman and "doesn't necessarily find his soul mate" with Clare or Nikki.

It's also rumored that Juan Pablo went on the show as a giant self-promotional campaign but never had any real engagement or marriage aspirations.

Think that's true, based on what we just saw play out tonight? Did he lead them on this whole time? Or was he just not feeling these final two? What do you think?

Also, Andi Dorfman is your new Bachelorette. She's so hot.

What do you think of the season finale? Was the non-proposal a letdown? Is Juan Pabs the worst Bachelor in history? Share your comments and votes below:

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell: Will it last?

Juan Pablo: The worst Bachelor ever?


Juan Pablo was the worst bachelor of all time. He is a disgrace of a man. I have been watching this show for 12 seasons and will continue to but this man was so rude disgusting ..... I could go on and on about how I feel about this nasty dirty dog dude! Yuck! ! And the way he treated Chris Harrison was wrong. We love the bach and we can't stand you Juan disgusto!


Juan Pablo was without a doubt the worst bachelor EVER...Not only was he rude to Chris Harrison, he has such attitude problems during the whole season. I think this bimbo Nikki is such a perfect match for him...Both are dumb a s s e s. She is so young & naive. If a man is with her for months, & cannot say he loves you, then WHY ON EARTH IS THIS MORON STILL WITH HIM? She has the looks, but it's so obvious she is so damn insecure. I admire Sharleen, Andi & even Clare for standing their ground with this "so into himself" conceited idiot. He said he was thankful the show is over...NOTE>>>> The viewers are thankful this show is over...Please go away. Hopefully the "Bachelor" won't be renewed. It's getting ridiculous. I will never watch again..

@ danielle

Don't you think you're being unfair to Nikki? Half a dozen other women found Juan Pablo charming -- Sharlene, Renee, Andi, Clair, Chelsie .... Are they all naive bimbos and insecure morons? It was Nikki's misfortune to be the last woman left standing. But now she's in the driver's seat, and she might as well make the most of it. She can continue with this loveless relationship and see where it leads, or she can cut her losses. Not every dating relationship involves gushing professions of love, and not every season of "The Bachelor" ends in a proposal -- eight did not. I'd like to see how Juan Pablo's meltdown last night affects Nikki's attitude. I watch "The Bachelor" for the drama -- the pathos. Juan Pablo's season delivered that! It's going to be hard to squeeze drama out of Andi.


We express love not by saying the word but by showing a loving attitude. "Do you respect this woman? Do you want to serve her and please her? Are you devoted to her?" -- these are a few of the questions Chris Harrison should have asked. Instead, Harrison tried to prod Juan Pablo into using the word "love" in public. A knock-out was scored in the first few seconds, but Harrison continued to swing at his inert opponent. TV editing can make you or break you, and last night, with cause perhaps, "The Bachelor" broke Juan Pablo with a vengeance -- into tiny little pieces I don't know how Nikki can put the pieces back together, but she's entitled to try. Maybe she can make a man out of Juan Pablo. Maybe she can introduce him to the deeper feelings that were so glaringly absent last night. It's a monumental task, but it's doable. I admire her for lasting this long. Along with Catherine, I wish the two continued happiness.


pablo escobar's daughter?


I believe he just isn't sure, but felt he had to choose one. Nevertheless he is still a self absorbed jerk, and I also think there is such a cultural difference, it would never work with an American girl. Better that he goes after a Venezualan woman, they may be more likely to be subservient to him....just saying...!


I think along the same lines as Brad about this subject matter. Would it be better if he pretended he was absolutely in love, gave her a ring and announced it to everyone? That's my definition of leading someone on . . . I do think he was honest and I do not believe Sharleen "hates" him as someone said. I think she gets him. He wants to take his time, as Sharleen did. That's why they clicked. I think Nikki will stick around and see how it goes and not try to rush things. Not everyone falls in love at the same pace. Better he let everyone know where he's coming from and admit it now than later.


Okay if he didn't want to marry either girl that's his right. I think Juan loves two people in life; his daughter and himself. I do however think he was wrong for being rude to Chris and the show itself. No matter what, he went on some nice dates in some nice places. I'm sure he flew first class and stayed at the best places. That in itself is worth a bit of niceness. Nikki seems to be ok with the arragngement. I don't think they'll last 3 months. This entire season of The Bachelor was a disappointment. This just goes to show you that looks aren't everything. Andi seems nice enough. I will check out The Bachlorette in May.


Dee: Right on - birds of a feather flock together!!!!!


Dee: How true - wondering about Nikki - birds of a feather flock together!!!!!


Tonight's The Bachelor and that After The Final Rose special both each SOL (Sucked Out Loud). That Juan Pablo dude is nothing but an arrogant and clueless dum-dum. And...Nikki clearly has issues. Those two idiots deserve each other!!!!! And, by the way...I am SO EXCITED about Andi becoming the new/next Bachelorette!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

@ jaybird369

I don't know what fuss is about. If this show is all about finding true love there would be more than a handful of couples married. I believe there are 3 couples married from the show. Two had their weddings and honeymoon and everything in between paid for by the network. Hmmm. Sean biting his lip like he wanted to punch Juan Pablo was laughable. He is a cheese ball. He lead girls on, everyone leads the contestants on so that a finale can happen. What should one do if during the process one doesn't find their soul mate? Should they pretend, walk away from show or just keep filming and enjoy your self. Also, people can cut down Juan Pablo but he can't stick up for himself. If someone told me that they are happy that I am not a parent to their future child, I would probably be relieved that I didn't pick that person. Just saying. This show sucks and the next bachelorette - - Andi - - sucks. She is so lame and is a poor choice for the network. Chris and Sean acted like douchebags last night.

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