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Sounds like Andi Dorfman is no Juan Pablo Galavis. As in not every dude will be scrambling to leave The Bachelorette of their own volition or hate her at the end.

After her infamous breakup on The Bachelor, Andi is ready to put the past behind her and find love as the woman handing out the roses this summer on ABC.

She's already making quite the impression on potential suitors, too ...

The hot Assistant District Attorney from Atlanta, who dumped Juan Pablo HARD on The Bachelor, is a fan favorite among the guys and staff member alike.

"Andi is awesome," a source who works on the show says. "The guys love her as do the producers. Such a breath of fresh air after the Juan Pablo debacle!"

"She is taking it extremely seriously. It's going well, which isn't to say there aren't some bumps. But overall it is looking like a really good season."

Andi Dorfman proved she was ready to find love after she was named the next Bachelorette on the After the Final Rose special, telling host Chris Harrison:

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The first poster for the new season of The Bachelorette has been released, featuring Andi Dorfman and taking a little shot at Juan Pablo Galavis.

"She's looking for the right one," the tease for the ABC reality hit reads, but the "one" is written in red ... after the word "Juan" has been crossed out.


Andi Dorfman Bachelorette Poster

Given the way Andi Dorfman peaced out of The Bachelor - dissing and dismissing Juan Pablo HARD on the penultimate episode - the diss is pretty perfect.

The Bachelor star, who later picked (and is somehow still with) Nikki Ferrell, turned off many fans with the aloof, inconsiderate ways Andi called him out on.

Andi described the Fantasy Suite as anything but, calling it "a nightmare" and chastising Galavis for his "inappropriate" and "offensive" comments.

Perhaps most notably, she told him there's a difference between being honest and "being an asshole" (Clare Crawley certainly won't argue with her).

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Filming is underway for the new season of The Bachelorette, starring Andi Dorfman, and the men are going to have to go all out to win her heart.

If they want to make love to her at some point ... they're gonna have to SING "I'll Make Love to You" by Boyz II Men, WITH the classic R&B group!

Oh, The Bachelorette spoilers alert. Sorry.

Andi Dorfman and her suitors were out in Santa Barbara yesterday for their third group date of the young season, which just began filming in California.

They arrived at an outdoor Boyz II Men show, and took over the stage in a moment that wasn't staged at all for the reality show. Okay, yes it was.

(The Bachelorette spoiler alert again ... we gotta work on that!)

Two groups battled it out in a sing-off, wearing khaki blazers and blue cardigans, respectively, crooning "I'll Make Love to You" in hopes that maybe, one day ...

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Andi Dorfman didn't take crap from Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor (the same can't be said for Nikki Ferrell, according to the winner's ex).

Whatever you think of Nikki, Andi infamously dropped Juan Pablo like a bad habit and will soon take her no-nonsense approach to The Bachelorette.

ABC released the first photo of her in the starring role today:

Andi Dorfman as The Bachelorette

"I am incredibly excited to be The Bachelorette ... never did I think this would happen to me!" Dorfman, a 26-year-old Assistant D.A. from Atlanta, said.

"I am looking forward to traveling the world and going on amazing dates with amazing men. And hopefully, one of them ends up being the love of my life."

Already a fan favorite for being funny, successful, strong and stunningly beautiful, Andi Dorfman took it to a new level on the penultimate Bachelor episode.

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Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman competed against one another for Juan Pablo Galavis' love (or whatever the Juan Pablo equivalent is) on The Bachelor this winter.

Apparently there are no hard feelings, however. Their friendship may even be one of the more unlikely successful relationships to come out of the show:

Nikki Ferrell and Andi Dorfman

Andi dumped Juan Pablo in St. Lucia, but Nikki Ferrell, who ended up with Galavis in the finale, paid tribute to her bond with Dorfman in this Instagram collage.

Hey, they each got what they wanted in the end, right?

One of the pictures is from the March 10 After the Final Rose special, when Ferrell and Galavis reunite, and Andi Dorfman was announced as The Bachelorette.

Nikki gushed over Andi in her photo caption, writing:

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Sorry, Juan Pablo, you missed out on this catch. Andi Dorfman will be looking for love as the new star of The Bachelorette, beginning Monday, May 19 on ABC!

The Atlanta-based assistant district attorney, who made a dramatic exit from The Bachelor this season, was confirmed as the franchise's newest star last night.

WARNING: The remainder of this post contains The Bachelor spoilers ...

Juan Pablo Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor finale, but didn't propose or even say I love you, then acted like a dick on the After the Final Rose special.

This after leaving runner-up Clare Crawley so offended with his alleged sexual comments in St. Lucia that she couldn't even bear to look at him at the reunion.

Suffice it to say, Andi Dorfman's introduction was a welcome reprieve.

The brunette beauty looked overwhelmed when Chris Harrison brought her out on the ATFR special, and not just because of her eye-popping silver dress.

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Worst. Bachelor. Ever?

It all came down to this on ABC's The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 11, the epic season finale, followed of course by the After the Final Rose special.

We came into this evening with just two women remaining on this "journey." Would Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley become the future Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis?

That was the question on everyone's mind heading into the final rose ceremony when, as predicted, Juan Pablo chose one woman and rejected the other.

So who won the final rose? Did he propose? And are they even together?

The Bachelor Top Two

Turns out The Bachelor spoilers were pretty spot on here in 2014.

Not only was the longtime speculation regarding the winner accurate, so were the details surrounding this weird season and how the aftermath played out.

So who won and who lost (and/or dodged a bullet)? Read on ...

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Andi Dorfman continued her blistering anti-Juan Pablo campaign Monday night on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 10, a.k.a. The Women Tell All special.

Last week's epic breakup between the couple (below) led to Dorfman's departure, setting up a Clare Crawley-Nikki Ferrell finale by default.

Picking up right where she left off, she was not shy when it came to sharing her disgust, calling his remarks to her "offensive" and "really hurtful."

Andi Dorfman even said she PRETENDED TO BE ASLEEP to avoid talking to Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suite any longer. Yes, it was that terrible.

Saying he was "extremely negative" about the whole process, Andi lamented to Chris Harrison, "I think he actually thinks he was a great Bachelor.''

So how did Juan Pablo defend himself when he took the stage?

"I wouldn't waste my time," he said of the claims he didn't take the show seriously. "At the end of the day, I took this very seriously. It is what it is."

Well, that's a convincing rebuttal if ever we've heard one.

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The Bachelor Season 18 has been billed as the most controversial one EVER, but the overdramatic, Chris Harrison-narrated promos say that every year.

In truth, it's probably one of the least controversial ... but also the most realistic.

Tuesday, Andi Dorfman took Juan Pablo Galavis to task, confessing that she couldn't wait for their "fantasy" date to end and telling him all the reasons why.

Across the U.S., everyone's worst date experience flashed before their eyes:

Andi Dorfman Dumps Juan Pablo: The Bachelor Breakup For the Ages!
Andi Dorfman breaks up with Juan Pablo in epic fashion on The Bachelor. Part 1 of 6.
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The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 1)

1. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 1)

Andi Dorfman breaks up with Juan Pablo in epic fashion on The Bachelor. Part 1 of 6.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 2)

2. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 2)

Andi Dorfman gives Juan Pablo the business on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 3)

3. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 3)

Part 3 of Andi's breakup with Juan Pablo on ABC's The Bachelor. It was great.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 4)

4. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 4)

Andi Dorfman rejects Juan Pablo Galavis HARD on The Bachelor. Classic stuff, part four of six.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 5)

5. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 5)

Andi Dorfman peaces out on The Bachelor after dumping Juan Pablo in hilarious fashion. Part 5 out of 6.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 6)

6. The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 6)

The Bachelor's Andi Dorfman breaks up with Juan Pablo Galavis. Part 6 of 6.

"Not once did he really ask anything about me," Andi Dorfman told the cameras.

"I'm not unsure," the next Bachelorette reiterated. "I know he's not the one."

The fact that Andi announced the relationship was over, and so bluntly, before Juan Pablo could do or say anything about it illustrated what a crap shoot dating is.

Also, it was illuminating in part because there was no ulterior motive, no dastardly deed or "there for the wrong reasons" hook to this Andi-Juan Pablo confrontation.

He's just kind of an average, selfish, sexist douche who she's just not into.

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It's official, whether ABC says so or not: Andi Dorfman has been confirmed as The Bachelorette, per a letter from her boss granting her a leave of absence.

By trade, Andi is an Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County, Ga., who therefore reports to the D.A. of the county, which is home to the city of Atlanta.

The D.A. is taken aback by the fact that she bailed in the middle of a murder trial to appear on a TV show ... but he's giving her the chance just the same.

  • Andi: The Bachelorette 2014?
  • Andi Letter

Fulton County D.A. Paul Howard Jr. calls her request "highly unusual" and does not sound thrilled. He's also not paying her during the leave of absence.

Just the same, Howard agreed to take her back when she's done.

Provided she's MIA no longer than through May 31, her job will be waiting for her post-Bachelorette, as Andi Dorfman is "a valued member of the DA's office."

He ended his letter with, "Wish you best of luck." We'll second that.

If Andi's stint as The Bachelorette is half as good as the smackdown she laid on Juan Pablo this week on The Bachelor, it's gonna be the best season ever:

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