Jennette McCurdy: "Ratchet Ho" PLAYED Andre Drummond ... Charlamagne tha God Says

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Jennette McCurdy is just a "ratchet ho" who played Andre Drummond like a tune to boost her own celebrity status ... according to MTV star Charlamagne tha God.

Andre Drummond, Jennette McCurdy

The Charlamagne & Friends star says he believes the NBA baller, who insists he did not leak the Jennette McCurdy lingerie pics that hit the web this week.

Charlamagne tells TMZ Sports that the proof is in the pudding.

First off, the actress publicly engaged the Detroit Pistons player on Twitter after he named the iCarly and Sam & Cat cutie as his "Woman Crush Wednesday."

"She’s clearly a ratchet ho," he says, explaining that this was all her plan and that "social sexual networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities."

The couple had a brief relationship that fizzled out, after which the 21-year-old blasted Andre Drummond on a podcast out of the blue last weekend.

McCurdy then pointed the finger at him after the racy pictures (below) mysteriously surfaced online within 24 hours, with Charlamagne calling BS on her.

"I bet ten other guys have the same pics Andre has," he says.

"She’s an idiot." And/or a "ratchet ho," whatever that is.

Urban Dictionary defines "ratchet" as "a diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that [believes] she is every man's eye candy. Unfortunately, she's wrong."

It defines "ho" as ... well, you probably know that part.


The pictures not even bad but charlamagne is too disrespectful

Eelo fudpucker

Just another nigga fuckin white slut


She put out the photos herself. Her career about up, trying anything she can to stay in public eye. And if she only dated him a week, why she the bitch still hitting on him. I think she's out to beat this horse till it dies.


She put them out herself. The bitch is acting just like all the junk I read about her. I hope Drummond used her then dropped her.


I would not be surprised if she did not leak it herself. When will these brothers learn to stop chasing the white mans forbidden fruit. She played like a puppet now he looks like the big black bad guy taking advantage of the good girl Disney star. Yeah Miley was once a good girl Disney star we see how that turned out!

@ E

Yeah....She's from Nickelodeon. You may have it put this way that she played him but why is she the bad guy when she just told it how it is? It didn't work and everyone is quick to throw the blame back at her like she's in the wrong. if it's not there it's not there!


Andre got want he wanted so why is he hollering now ? He is right though she just a ho!!


Charlamagne is a "rachet" quarter-pint punk who plays the unfunny comic on "Guy Code".
Jennette McCurdy is ten times the actor that Charlamagne is. New quarter-pint Guy-Code: stick up for your homie, no matter how misogynist you sound.

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