Brandon Howard: Michael Jackson's Secret Son?

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So, Brandon Howard says he is Michael Jackson's secret son. He claims he has, and will reveal, hard DNA evidence to prove this bombshell claim as well.

The 31-year-old is the son of Miki Howard, who Michael's father Joe Jackson used to represent back in the '80s. So he does have history with the family.

Brandon claims that Michael Jackson met his mother, Miki, in 1982 and got her pregnant fairly quickly. He certainly didn't come forward quickly, however.

Why now?

Brandon Howard Photo

Brandon Howard claims that he’s only recently acquired the DNA evidence, which he purports to be from an old orthodontic device Michael used to wear.

We can't imagine how he came across that, nor do we want to know, but he insists the DNA test results are a match, and he will reveal the results today.

At FilmOn (dot) com.

That doesn't reek of a gigantic publicity stunt or anything. Not that he necessarily cares as long as he gets his 15 minutes of fame with this Hail Mary pass.

Which has to be what this is, right?!

He also states he’s going to go after some of the family’s money, although Michael’s estate lawyer claims that they’ve never heard of Brandon before.

The lawyer also added, not unlike the Wade Robson molestation claims, that “Any deadline for claiming to be Michael’s child has long since passed.”

This is not the first outrageous Michael Jackson paternity allegation to make tabloid news. Nor will it be the last, we're guessing. Remember Omer Bhatti?

Or the rumor that MJ is not the biological father of Prince, Blanket OR Paris Jackson and that Arnold Klein, Macaulay Culkin or others did the honors?

So many secret sons and parents. So little shame.

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