Jennette McCurdy Slams Racy Photo Culprit, Points Finger at Andre Drummond

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Jennette McCurdy has taken to Twitter to do her best Shaggy impression.

Simply put, the actress says in regard to racy selfies that hit the Internet last night, it wasn't me.

A trio of lewd Jennette McCurdy photos (below) were leaked online yesterday, with many folks believing ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond is the one to blame.

The reason fans are drawing that conclusion is not a big stretch. McCurdy blasted the NBA player in an interview for being a bad kisser over the weekend.

Drummond has denied this accusation, however, saying he had "nothing to do" with the leak and is just focused on basketball with the Detroit Pistons.

But now McCurdy personally has jumped online and made it undoubtedly clear who she thinks is responsible for the world seeing her in lingerie (below).

Jennette McCurdy, Andre Drummond

“To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person,” she Tweeted earlier today. “You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor.”

Without naming names, granted ... but we'll give you three guesses to whom the 21-year old is referring, readers, and the first two don't count!

Still, Jennette is trying to remain calm and collected about the scandal.

“In related news, I’m blasting ‘Let It Go’ on repeat,” McCurdy wrote.

John Travolta and Adele Dazim would be proud.


Τι μουναρα αυτή η jenette ρε αλάνια... Να την είχα γκομενα δεν θα την άφηνα να βγει απ το σπίτι κ κάθε μεσημέρι θα της γέμιζα τις τρύπες κρέας...:ρ


I just gotta say....damn she has a nice body I'm pretty jealous. Anyways what a douche bag he is acting like a child for spreading those. She trusted him with those pictures and just because she says one diss he throws the pictures out? For a tall guy he sure has stooped low. Either way I still love her and now the world knows that he obviously and clearly as seen above is missing out.


SHe looks like my mom


please remember: THIS IS YOUR BODY WE SEE HERE!!


Who but the way is Jeannette Mc Curdy? I have truly no idea!


If I was her I wouldn't be telling people that she kiss this ape.. But she is a black mans snow bunny anyway!!

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