Ellen DeGeneres Oscars 2014 Monologue: How Did She Do as Host?

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Ellen DeGeneres was back as host of the 2014 Academy Awards, seven years after she first did the honors, and left many viewers hoping for a 2015 encore.

DeGeneres didn't appear in any sort of pre-produced skit to kick off her monologue. Instead, simply just brought the funny, starting with her very first line.

"For those of you watching around the world, it has been a tough couple of days for us here. It has been raining. We're fine. Thank you for your prayers."

DeGeneres couldn't resist some quality digs at Hollywood, calling out Liza Minelli, telling the legendary performer that she made for a convincing drag queen.

"Good job, sir," the host quipped.

Ellen gave a shout-out to Jennifer Lawrence falling, telling the Best Supporting Actress nominee, "If you win tonight, I think we should bring you the Oscar.

Another nominee also got a mention early on, with Ellen joking, "I'm not going to say who looks the most beautiful tonight But it's clear. It's Jared Leto."

"Ellen, I love you," was the first thing Leto said later in the show when he accepted his best supporting actor Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.

DeGeneres closed out her opening monologue by making a crack about the film widely expected to win Best Picture (and which went on to do just that):

"Possibility number one: 12 Years a Slave wins best picture," she said of the acclaimed Steve McQueen production. "Possibility number two: You're all racists."

Later, this Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie set a new Twitter record with 2 million retweets ... and it's easy to see why, given that cast of smiling characters.

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Not an Ellen fan. I don't DISlike her but don't find her interesting either. Never watch her show I did like her when she did stand up comedy years ago though. She was pretty good then. I wasn't at all impressed with her hosting performance & thought most of her jokes weren't funny. To me, she came across as a nervous/rookie comic. Besides the show going on forever, I didn't find her constant segments in the audience entertaining at all. Once might have been a fun change of pace but it got old QUICK! I stopped watching after about a half hour & turned back at the very end to see who won Best Picture. I think they can do much better at choosing a host. Get somebody who is funny but less personal with the digs at the actors/actresses. I don't find most of that funny at all, especially when they go ON & ON about it.


Ellen was lackluster and unoriginal. Flat.


I lost respect for Ellen. She was so rude to Liza Minelli. She seems overly concerned with being hip and accepted by Jennifer Aniston etc...yet she endorses Kanye - Kanye interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech and rants non stop. My point is she picked on the fragile and easy target versus bullies and trashy people who deserve it. Fame seems to have gone to her head.


I thought Ellen did a great job. She made the night fun also for those in the audience. The group selfie was genius, as was the pizza. Why all the hate on this blog. So they have more than the average person, so what?


I don't care for her or her jokes. She's a carpet muncher, big deal! Why does she always dress like a man? Terrible!!!! Ugly!!!


Ewwww, Ellen is ugly! She is uglier than Rosie O'Donnell.


Ellen was the only reason I watched any part of this retarded show. Never saw so many fat, skinny, ugly people. A lot of them should have stayed home. How did this Jennifer whatever even get in a movie. She is NOT good looking, has a figure like a stick and she is as dumb as a stump. Anne Hathaway is another freak. Old Goofy Gaga must have felt right at home last night. She wasn't the ugliest one there... just one of many.

@ Mc Kay

Some of your greatest actors and actresses are not beautiful...

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