Ariana Grande Shows Off Neck Tattoo: What Does It Say?

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Ariana Grande is collaborating with Chris Brown these days.

On music, of course, but also when it comes to her appearance apparently.

With Brown very well known for his inked-up body, Grande has taken to Instagram to show off her new neck tattoo.

It appears to read “Mille tendresse,” which translate to a “thousand tendernesses” in French, and which is taken from the Truman Capote novel “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”

Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo

What do you think of Grande's permanent piece of artwork?

Check it out above and compare it to a slew of other celebrity tattoos here:

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Y dose Ariana have to get a tattoo she is now turning into a bad girl and i thought she wasint even gonna be 1

Teague kidrauhllful brewer

I'm good friends with Ariana. I just texted her and ask her what it said. She said it said mille tendresse. She said that It's French and it has nothing to do with Breakfast At Tiffany's


Honestly I love ariana and respect her decision


she's too young to have a tattoo, but love it. I love ARIANA GRANDE more than anything (also my 'rents)

@ Audi

she's 20 years old lol. she's not too young to have one

@ anon

She's 21


She'll probably get her ears pierced ext

@ Jalisca

They already are, no?


2 tattoo


Justin Bieber Jesus tattoo: Back in Jesus day the Romans considered Jesus a rebel, he was then crucified.


simple, just call her & ask.