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Courtney Stodden attended the Style Fashion Week show in L.A., and it’s possible she became even more ridiculous looking since we last laid eyes on her.

That bleached hair. Those pouty lips injected with who knows what. Those hilariously fake boobs. Those clothes that don’t leave anything to the imagination.

Courtney Stodden, everybody … age 19 going on 49.

The model-actress-singer-whatever is now under new management, and no longer under Doug Hutchison, with whom she split at the end of last year.

She still craves the spotlight however, and hard.

By her standards, her Style Fashion Week lace gown and matching gloves by designer Marika Soderlund-Robison were rather tame. Even demure.

Low standards. Very low standards.

Still, we’ve actually seen racier Courtney Stodden photos … although the fact that she is somehow trying to pull off a “high fashion” look is rather hilarious.

Scroll through the gallery (plus one bonus Instagram picture) above to see what we mean, but be warned: You can’t unsee the human blow-up doll.