Ariana Grande and Chris Brown: Collaborating For Some Reason!

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Known woman beater Chris Brown has found a new duet partner.

The singer, who has teamed up with Justin Bieber in the past and who bludgeoned the face of Rihanna a few years ago, will release a single in the near future alongside teen sensation Ariana Grande.

The female star posted an Instagram photo of the artists dancing in the studio together, along with the caption: “#comingsoon #rehearsal."

Ariana Grande and Chris Brown

As you might expect, a number of Grande’s followers are upset about the likely collaboration, considering Brown's violent history toward women.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Ponder that question as you stare at these Chris Brown photos:






Ariana Grande needs a new manager. Who thought it would be a good idea for her to collaborate with him? Her career is doing fine, probably better than his. She didn't need him. Collaborating with Chris Brown is going to alienate fans who don't think it's OK for a guy to beat the Hell out of a woman. Rubbing up against Chris Brown doesn't make him squeaky clean. His dirt just rubs off on her. Really stupid PR.


Hey Hilton Hater, Personally, I think it's no problem that they're working together. Yes, his past with Rihanna was terrible but it's not like him and Ariana are going to get together. They're just doing doing a song together! Seems like people are blowing things out of proportion. Lets say they were going to get together though, would you think it's anybody's business? I'm just speaking on the "what if" level. I'm not going to say it's impossible though, since the age difference is only 4 years apart. I feel like his situation from the past will always be brought up. He knew his consequence though. I'm not trying to defend his case, but even years after, Chris Brown and Rihanna are friends again. Fans might be outraged, but it's their life. Oh, and what about Karrueche? What's your take on them? He hasn't hurt her and she seemed or seems to be happy with him (I'm not sure if they're broken up or not). Sometimes, things have to stay in the past. He could have changed, which I hope he did! I think that Ariana and Chris every becoming anything is the last concern for anybody. They're just good friends!

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