The Bachelor Promo: What Happens in the Fantasy Suite DOESN'T STAY in the Fantasy Suite!

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Tonight on The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9, what happens in the Fantasy Suite doesn't stay in the Fantasy Suite. And whatever it is goes horribly wrong.

Juan Pablo met the families of the four remaining ladies during Monday night's hometown dates, gave Renee Oteri the pink slip and moved on to St. Lucia.

The overnight dates are typically a deal-breaker on the ABC reality series, but never before have we seen anything like what's being teased in this promo:

The Bachelor spoilers have hinted all winter long that there's drama in store for fans when we hit St. Lucia, and this teaser would certainly attest to that:

  • Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell appear to be loving life with Juan Pablo
  • Andi Dorfman appears to be in the exact opposite boat and freaks out
  • Nikki is seen crying too, but that looks like the work of clever editing

It's almost accepted that Andi Dorfman bounces, based on this and offhand comments from Chris Harrison about Clare and Nikki on the After the Final Rose special.

The question is why? What makes this such an epic disaster?

Nikki Ferrell of The Bachelor
Nikki Ferrell is a frontrunner on The Bachelor Season 18. Think she has what it takes to win?

Apparently, it goes south after Juan Pablo opens up about his Fantasy Suite experiences with a different contestant. That's not awkward at all, dude.

He also informs Andi Dorfman (or so the spoilers say) that she BARELY made it this far, and talks about himself so much that she gets pissed and bolts.

Not before calling him "immature, rude and inappropriate," though.

"There's a difference between being honest and being and a--hole," she allegedly proclaims, becoming the second contestant to dump JPG thus far.

Sharleen Joynt did the honors before hometowns. Now Andi?

We'll have to wait and see how The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9 shakes out in a matter of hours, but it sounds like things are gonna get ugly, fast.

In the meantime, follow this link to watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 8 and see how we got to this point ... then vote on who you want to win below!

And the Winner is?

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the fantasy suite is very inappropriate, the women are no better than whores, and the man is no better than a humping gutter dog -


By now, everyone knows, and the reality fell far short of the hype. The hype led me to expect some terrible revelation pertaining to sexual orientation. Instead, we find out that the bachelor said "OK" one too many times! Dorfman, a lawyer, was hoping for an argument, and Juan Pablo had failed to provide one! The two talked all night, with Dorfman giving no sign of discontent, so her response the next morning left Juan Pablo mystified -- and disgusted. She complained that the conversation in the suite was not about herself. Well, all she had to do was steer the conversation in that direction and speak up "in her own defense". She failed: "Case closed".


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like a bedroom in a porn movie.


This is a stupid show and it makes me sick!!


Sounds like Andi got burned and that's why she's so angry. Very argumentative, her father appeared to be an ... Also
Juan move on you , don't need to argue or someone telling you how to speak. Clueless