Selena Gomez: Will She Pull a Britney?

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Based on a new report, Selena Gomez might wanna worry less about taking down Miley Cyrus and more about her own well-being.

About a month removed from rehab, the singer is still feelings the affects of being destroyed by Justin Bieber.

So much so, in fact, that her friends are concerned about what will happen next to Selena.

"It’s not humanly possible to recover from your rock bottom that quickly," a pal tells Star. "She’s still very fragile and not coping with her problems at all.”

It remains unclear just what the nature of those problems are, as the artist's rep vehemently denies she required professional assistance last month due to substance abuse.

Try telling that to Bieber, however.

Justin and his friends supposedly insist that Gomez is a drunk who would often drink them under the table when the group partied together.

But this latest report actually points to mental problems for the star, with one insider fearing a breakdown of Britney-Spears-shaves-her-head-and-attacks-people-with-an-umbrella proportions.

“She’s jabbering to herself, and everyone is worried she’s about to pull a Britney,” says an anonymous source. “She’s a very troubled young girl, and if she doesn’t get it together, the psych ward could be next.”

Oh my. Let's hope Selena can sit back, have a relaxing meal and feel a lot better soon.

She does look amazing in these Adidas-themed photos, doesn't she?


I'm afraid this girl MISS S. GOMEZ will go nuts pretty soon.She'd better get help, otherwise it would be devastating psych plunge, especially that JB is talking amok. Girl forget about MILEY CYRUS for a while, besides she never has desire for JB anyway.


she Hang herself these day's.
the Brooklyn-bridge is the tight spot!!


Selena is so hot. Her music is sick. Justin is also so hot. But shiz get it together. God bless. #selenahottie


Isn't Selena close to her family and with a big support system. Seems she has lots of resources that the average person doesn't have. Sounds like she may need help and needs to find it. Her behavior doesn't seem like Britney's or Amanda mental break with reality. Early days so who knows.


What is wrong with you young people.


If you are fragile - you will break. The answer is that you do not belong in the entertainment cutthroat business.


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