Selena Gomez: Destroyed by Justin Bieber!

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According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, troubled singer/actress Selena Gomez has Demi Lovato to thank and Justin Bieber to blame.

The tabloid goes inside Selena's recent two-week stint in rehab, writing that Gomez needed help because she was "destroyed" by her on/off flame.

Citing "verbal abuse" from her occasional boyfriend and even an "STD scare," the celebrity magazine comes up with this ominous jaw-dropper of a cover:

Selena Gomez: Destroyed by Love!

This isn't the first time sources have connected Selena's rehab visit to her tumultuous time with the pop star, an accusation that Bieber's camp vehemently denies.

They've labeled Selena a drunk and said she would often hold her own with Justin and his crew or even party Bieber under the table ... which is some feat.

No matter the cause, however, In Touch Weekly writes that bestie Lovato helped Selena "find the strength" to seek professional assistance.

“Demi told her it’s OK to be honest about having a problem," an insider claims of the two stars. "They’ve really bonded over their issues.”

Lovato, of course, has been very open for years about her teenage struggles with drug abuse, an eating disorder, even cutting herself.

She Tweeted support to Gomez last week and we share in those well wishes. Get all better soon, girl ... and maybe leave Justin behind.

There were cute moments, sure ... but it's just not worth it:


Demi Lovato should have cut her own fuckin throat, fuck her and the Spic Gomez


JB did not destroy SG. TS destroyed SG.


This is actually slanderous; In Touch has been exposed by Gossipcop numerous times for false reports. Who is the source? Selenas mother who originally arranged their relationship for publicity?


Why does SG want JB to surprise her? She needs to let him go! He's got his own issues to work out. And she has her own issues to work out too. Move on!


She only went w/him for publicity when her show was canceled. Stay in the news Hollywood might give u job. She was on her way out. Her managers probably came up w/the idea. She didn't run w/the black rappers, she went out of her way to get his attention. She wasn't attracted by his mainly physique, good looks,Suave man about town?. U no he grew up watching her TV show. Little white boy, adult black rappers,he doesn't fit w/the crowd that made him famous! Probably felt he touched the rainbow when a Hollywood starlet paid attention to him. She is an actress, controlling some "new to fame" kid couldn't be to hard. She's a grown woman, she knows what she's doing!


Since that little wigger got his talons on Elena she's gone down hill just like that child's career has been going down hill! Beiber is a follower! He made it big then got all these enablers around him! I never liked you beiber from the first time I saw you little bitchass punk!


Things started to go bad for Bieber when he decided to turn 'ghetto' and embaced the trashy hip-hop culture. Same with Miley. Bad scene, bad attitude and bad life-style.

Damon craven
@ TonyC

Typical response to when these little white child stars' lives and careers start going south,always gotta blame hip-hop for them trying to be something they're not and trust me, Justin Bieber nor Miley Cyrus wouldn't know the first thing about being ghetto. But they did know what they were doing when they started hanging about rappers and DJ's and whatnot. Put the blame where it needs to be about Justin's life going bad-on Justin.


Selina needs someone to treat her as an equal in a relationship, not a trophy.
I don't think she is blaming beiber. She just followed him down a dangerous path. At least she is smart enough to "give her head a shake" and move on with help.
Any crap she was involved in did not make it to the front page news unlike Justin.
He is old enough to accept responsibility for his behavior.
Nobody I knew at that age of would dream of doing what he has the few years. Peeing in a bucket in a kitchen restaurant was bad enough but putting pilots and their crew at risk should be the last straw.


She will just turn to drugs and sex and ruin her life.... But I think she already has......


I hope that Gomez will FINALLY realize that she should FORGET the boy that she thought she loved. It was an infatuation with this boy. Being in LOVE is not just having SEX. So. there are many types of love that we all deal with, but some of these loves are NOT the simple act of SEX. It is something that some people NEVER find, and others that do, DEAL and LIVE with it, because it is never that SIMPLE.. Now, Gomez, can MOVE ON, because she has a career and should TAKE LIFE day by day to RISE above this segment in her life. THAT is all that we have to do, is DEAL with it and MOVE FORWARD. No matter what, Gomez should NEVER have ANY contact with the boy again. He is a model piece of DESTRUCTION to anyone that he is around.

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