Justin Bieber Stripper Revealed: See Pics of Singer's Plaything!

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The stripper Justin Bieber was seen breastfeeding on in that now-infamous photo with his pal Khalil has been revealed in her blonde, plastic glory.

She definitely looks like a stripper, but is not old enough to be the singer's mom, contrary to earlier reports regarding the Justin Bieber stripper photo.

"Karolina" is only 26. Check out pics of Biebs' Vegas plaything:

According to TMZ's story on Karolina, she recently moved from Chicago to Sin City, where Bieber quietly visited in January. Clearly they hit it off.

Also contrary to previous reports, the infamous breast-sucking photo was not taken at an L.A. recording studio, but inside Bieber's Vegas penthouse.

After a night at the strip club, Bieber and his entourage hand-picked Karolina and two other strippers to return to the hotel for a private party.

Justin paid them thousands in cash, and clearly got his money's worth.

It's not clear who took the image in question, but it went viral Saturday, showing Bieber and Khalil Sharieff each with a mouthful of Karolina's chest.

This wild night took place before his well-documented DUI arrest.

The strippers' phones were confiscated inside the penthouse, and they were each required to sign one of Bieber's famous confidentiality agreements.

That legally forbids them from talking about what transpired that night, although obviously it only does so much good when someone else takes pics.

Also, Karolina voluntarily posed for the boob photo apparently.

As for people saying she looked old enough to be Bieber's mother, well, maybe she does, but she's only 26. She can still breastfeed him, in any case.

And as for Justin's ex, Selena Gomez called this disgusting ...


Justin i like your songs and hair also like my name is indra i from manipur i wants to talk with you please give me your phone number.


She kind of looks like Ice-T's wife Coco but not better. I think that Bieber should be with an older and more mature woman like Miranda Kerr or maybe that stripper. He might grow up quickly.


Why last Friday didn't the pilots of the private plane radio an emergency landing, have the police there waiting and have them arrested for the Pot Smoked Filled private plane? The air was so thick of Pot Smoke that the pilots had to put on their oxygen masks to BREATHE in the cockpit! They were even mean to the flight attendant. Justin and his dad were smoking pot so bad on the plane that it made the pilots put on their oxygen masks! The pilots should of emergency landed, had the police their and had them arrested. WHY DID THEY NOT DO THAT? THEY HAD EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO! They didn't even arrest him. Deport him, PLEASE!


El'vicar wants d best 4 u,nature neva brake her own clause,justin!


Watch out 4 the way bruv"no runin from truth.what ever,nw here u are.blogs,radio&tele all goin in laugh dunt b a fool cus green moves u free.no mistakes 2 great 2 recover


he gonna lose many fans
why he act like that!
why have u changed justin!
we love justin but not this one


Have fun cause is not going to last. hes going to loose lots of fans and fame.i feel sorry for hes parents


Gross she looks like a DUDE that had a sex change! Is s/he?

@ Autumn

I thought the same thing. She look a little like KK especially her hideous lips 🐴


Wow. I pretty much think his career is over. No more screaming little girls in his direction. They're being grabbed by the hand of their parents in the opposite direction. What an idiot. When he said he was retiring last Fall? It's a good thing. I cannot imagine the damage control that is in his camp right now. OMG.


lol...."Karolina is only 26"....did the writer think most strippers are in their 50's or something?


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