Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 Recap: Ezra vs. Spencer!

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Hot for Teacher. That was the title of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18.

But, really, the latest installment of this ABC Family hit should have been dubbed "Hot on the Trail of Teacher" because Spencer was all about proving her suspicions of Ezra to be true.

Did she succeed?

Well… Ezra was on to Spencer being on to him, doing all he could to keep Aria away from her pals and issuing a rather clear threat to his new nemesis: I'd hate to see you suffer.

He also successfully manipulated Aria into staying at the cabin, proving that he's worthy of his A-ness. He brought his A Game this week, those who love terrible puns might say.

The most damning move by Ezra, of course, was that he set up Spencer as a prescription pill stealer, assuming that's where the final scene is headed. This girl definitely has a drug problem at this point, that's for sure.

But even in her hopped-up state, Spencer found evidence to support her case against Ezra, including a well-placed video camera. Are Emily and Hanna starting to be convinced? It seems that way.

Alison also showed up again, as her presence on the series continues to grow and continues to raise a question: Can we trust Shana?

What will be Ezra's next move? When will Aria find out the truth and how will she react? Let the theories fly and go watch Pretty Little Liars online at TV Fanatic now!

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