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DMX’s wish has been granted. No, he will not have his mile-long criminal record expunged, nor will he return to his late ’90s, Ruff Ryders rap glory.

He will, however, get to fight George Zimmerman in Celebrity Boxing!

The rapper has officially been named as Zimmerman’s opponent in his upcoming match, Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman confirms.

Stop … drop … shut ’em down open up shop … Ohhhh!

Over 15,000 applicants expressed interest in battling Zimmerman once his interest in the boxing match was publicized. X was the fighter selected.

The trash talk began before he was even picked. DMX will beat the f–k out of Zimmerman, pull out his member and urinate on him after it’s over, he boasts.

All we have to say to that is … can we get this on pay-per-view?


“I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f–k him right up,” X told TMZ, adding matter-of-factly that he will literally piss on George’s face too.

For his part, Trayvon Martin killer George wanted to fight Kanye West, given the rapper’s penchant for attacking innocent people. Irony noted.

Instead, he gets DMX, and in addition to his age advantage (30 vs. 43), Zimmerman has been training hard for months in preparation for the bout.

It’s less clear what X does nowadays besides get arrested.

George Zimmerman: Celebrity Boxing Star!

The boxing match will be three rounds, with the official date, time, and location of the fight to be announced at a big news conference next week.

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Who will win this Celebrity Boxing matchup?