Curtis Lepore Rape Case Dropped; Vine Star Agrees to Plea Bargain

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Curtis Lepore is free and clear in the eyes of the law.

The Vine star - who was accused of rape by ex-girlfriend Jessi Smiles toward the end of last year - agreed to a plea deal in court today and had his charges dropped.

Lepore pleaded no contest to the charges of sexual assault, which stemmed from an alleged incident last August.

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Smiles told authorities that she injured herself while filming a Vine video and Lepore - who she met via this social media/video-based site - volunteered to nurse her back to health at his home.

Jessie says she then fell asleep in Lepore's presence and this is when the assault took place.

Under his plea bargain, Lepore must complete 24 days of community service and one year of counseling.

If he abides by this demands, the formal conviction will read "MISDEMEANOR assault."

No word at the moment from either Lepore or Smiles, but the former maintained his innocence throughout the process.

Via Twitter last month, he urged fans not to rush to judgment and and said "things aren't always what they seem."

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