Lil Za Arrested for Cocaine Possession: See the Photo!

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It looks like Justin Bieber's recent egging has consequences far beyond his neighbor's property damage and the singer's own police file.

Cops searched Bieber's home today, seeking evidence that would link to him to last week's crime… and ended up arresting best friend Lil Za on FELONY COCAINE POSSESSION.

The arrest took place inside Justin's house and the drugs were in "plain view," sources tell TMZ.

Lil Za is a rapper who has been close to Bieber for years.

He and Lil Twist formerly resided at Justin's mansion until Scooter Braun gave them the boot a few months ago after too many instances of partying and driving recklessly.

As previously reported, 11 Los Angeles County patrol cars showed up this morning at the artist's pad and executed a search warrant.

They are looking for any evidence - containers, surveillance videos, fingerprints, etc. - that further prove Bieber hurled over 20 eggs at his neighbor's house on Thursday evening. One onlooker says a battering ram even made its way on to the premises as part of the investigation.

Armed with a warrant, cops can legally take note of anything at all found inside the residence and act accordingly, which is how Za ended up in handcuffs.

There is nothing connecting Bieber to the cocaine.

But deputies have dismantled Justin's security system and have taken it with them to see if it will shed light on what took place last week.

Really, though, the following video says it all. Is there any doubt this is Bieber's voice, cursing off his neighbor and saying more eggs are on the way?

UPDATE: Authorities now say the drugs seized may be Molly, NOT cocaine.


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